Top 5 Blog Niche that Get Good Traffic and Money

Today I am talking about the niche for the blog which will drive maximum traffic and you will earn good money. You have to create a blog first. I have given the information on How to start with Blogspot blog.

Before starting the blog you need to understand all about blogging. You May research the blogging first after that start the blogging. If you have already started obviously you got the knowledge about how the things are?

What is a Niche?

Niche is the subject of your blog. Some people do not write in one niche. They write on all over the niche. It’s is called a multi-niche.

Your blog also may be the multi-niche blog. A blogger cannot stand for only a single niche. So write an article on the multi niches.

Select the niches which people are searching in high number.

Don’t make the blog multipurpose. Example- Your blog name is Example News. Don’t write about another subject to it. Like “How to fix a dispenser?”

If you are writing this type of multipurpose article in a blog then you cannot rank on the search engine.

No more people will come toward your blog. Search engine crawlers will confuse.

Suppose you are also the normal person that means a person who searches things daily on the search engine. Suppose if you were not a publisher. What will you expect in your search result? How things will help you?

If you think about that thing, your blog is growing up. But all people cannot write the on same niche.

There is a lot of niches to write. If you have chosen a good niche then your visitors are also good.

If your blog has average visitors then your interest to write increase automatically.

I promise that you will not lose your confidence anytime. I have also a good experience so I write a new post regularly.

Proper SEO with perfect writing is good for your Blog.

What purpose to think like that?

If you think as I told, then you can observe the followings 

(1) You will get good ideas about the niche. 
(2) Your blog will get more traffic.
(3) Your blog will be rank good.

Top 5 niches:

1. Online Earning

This is the number one searched niche. In every 100 people, 80 to 90 people are searching for this type. They are searching for online income. How to earn money online? This is a too important topic. You can put your whole idea into it. Make your blog more expensive.

Nowadays money has become a big problem for everyone. In some countries, so many people have not jobs. So many people like to earn more than jobs salary.

Some people want to like a side business. There is a lot of the number of students who are moving to find jobs. But they do not get jobs. So this point has become a very important topic. 

I suggest to every new blogger this is an important niche for your blog. First of all, you need a good guide for it. I have given earning guide in my blog. Please check that first.
After reading you may try that first and after that, you will get deep experience. Now you will have a lot of experience with earning. So you have trusted tips to earn money. 

You have the method by which everybody can earn money. Your own experience is must than others experience. 

This experience you can write on your blog because it will be true. You will have whole knowledge about it. If anybody asked you about your written post than you can solve anybody problem.
The true information is really needed to win the trust of your traffic. By that, your traffic will increase. This is your profit. This is the requirement of every blogger.

2. Health & Care

This is also a good niche. Friends we all have different health. So we have to take care of it. Every person is searching for good care. If the person wants some face cream then they have not the idea to choose the good cream.

If people want some home remedies for there health, they don’t have more idea about it.

If people want to know good exercises, you can write about good exercises. If people need the supplement to make the body heavy and they have not any suggestion or any experience about it. Then you can take experience. 

After your experience, you can give the suggestion of a good supplement by writing a post about that subject.
Somebody has a headache. This is not the bigger problem so people try the Ayurvedic remedy. This is my suggestion to you first research and then you suggest to people by blog post.
People are searching about grow height so this can become a good blog post. So many people are searching about grow hair so this can also become a good blog post. The bigger amount of traffic is searching for glowing skin. Write about it. Nobody can stop you.

3. Education

This is also becoming a good niche. So many people have a habit to read online study material. So many people like to read the online study.

There are so many people who have each different reason to surf an Education website. 

You can add daily current affair to your website. So not only the student but also the adults and grand people will surf to your site. You can notify them by email. 

By this, they will become the regular customer of your website.

In these people, so many people may be good people. Good people are always doing good work. 

Good people share your website with others, dear and friends. You can add tips and tricks about math problems. So many people are searching for math problems tricks. 

By this, they can get help to increase the speed of problem-solving.
I am promising to you so many traffic will get you into this niche. But you have to post good and genuine information on your website. You have to do so many hard works. But this hard work will not go to waste. 

Finally, you will get so big traffic. This can become the most important of your niche.

4. News

This is a very simple niche. You have to write here daily news only. You have not to search on the internet about this niche. 

You can write the news as you heard, as you saw. There is no headache of research.

This is very simple. Every people read the latest news daily. 

If your news were interesting and genuine then the first person can become your regular present readers.

5. Reviews

This is the vast writing niche. In it, you have to search for interesting and profitable devices and review it. 

You have to tell the chosen devise all information. I promise so many people to search for this also. You can review an upcoming device also. 

You can add your affiliate marketing link. By this, you will get more profits. But what are you reviewing? This is the affiliate-related question. 

Means you have to add the link of the product which you have reviewed.  

With reviews, you can earn extra money on your product. Here the new path “Affiliate marketing” start to earn. Maximum people write reviews blogs for this reason.

Note: This article is only to understand the niche’s value. You can write on any niche. All niches regarding people will get on the search engine. Without proper SEO your blog won’t work properly. 

How to Make a blog SEO friendly?

Wrapping Up:

This article is about the Top 5 Niche which drives good traffic and good earning also.

I have written this blog post as per my research and my knowledge.

I have written this just for information. There are so many niches which can be ranked.

If anybody knows about, please tell me in the comment below.

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Thanks for reading!

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