How to Find Sites to Create High Quality Backlinks?

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If you are a blogger, you know how backlinks important are! If you are looking for find sites to create backlinks, read this article till end. I assure you that after reading this article you will be able to find 1000+ websites to create backlinks.

Now a days, ranking has become very difficult task. You need to complete required task to get rank on first page of Search Engine. Backlink is one of the most important factors which help to get ranked on Search engine. Backlink is important not only for ranking but also it helps to increase domain authority too.

I will talking about tools which help you to find backlink opportunities in genuine way. The tool can find website which will be related to your keyword. This tool is totally free.

You know how much competition there is in blogging these days. According to competition you need to run fast for ranking your blog. Google say that backlink doesn’t matter in ranking but unfortunately it still matters. This is not easy to find open websites where you can create backlinks. There I have a tool by using it you can find sites to create backlinks.

Before starting you need to revise what is backlink?

What are backlinks?

The definition of backlink is hidden in it’s name. Backlink is the type of link where a web resource linked to other web resource. The web resource can be website, web-page or web directory.

There are of 10 main types of backlinks as follow –

1. Web 2.0 Backlink
2. Do-follow Backlink
3. No-follow Backlink
4. Profile Backlink
5. Comment Backlink
6. PBN link
7. 301 Redirect
8. Old Domain Backlink
9. Contextual Backlink
10. Forum Backlink

.edu, .org and .gov backlinks

If your website got backlinks from .edu, .org, .gov websites, your link building strategy is very strong. Because these types of websites have highest value.

Editorially given backlinks

If you simply as someone for backlink on their website. Those type comes in editorially given backlink.

Backlink from media & press

Suppose you have institute and your released press. In that press you put your website link it called backlink from media and press.

Internal Links

Every know what is internal linking. When you put link of your article in other article. Those types of link called Internal links.

Links from complementary businesses

Now suppose you sell mobiles and your friend sell mobile covers. He will give you link back to you and you will give to him. This creates a complementary business link.

Forum profile links

If you create backlinks for your website, you know about this type of backlinks very well. When you create your account on any forum it ask for your website’s URL. Forum show this URL on your profile. It means it count a backlink as forum profile backlink.

Social media profile links

Social media profile links are as same as forum profile links. Only the difference is in platforms. Social media like Facebook, Instagram provide you blank space to add your website’s link there.

Social media post links

When you create a page of your website on social media. You put a link of your post there also to promote your website. It called social media post link.

Niche related directory backlinks

There are some example of directories like similar sites. There are many directories which works on only single niche. When you submit your site there it count as niche related directory backlink.

Local directory backlinks

There are also some directories which works on every niche. When you submit your site there it count as local directory backlink.

Backlinks from templates directory

To get backlinks from templates directory you need to create your own template. Because without own template the templates directory does not allow you to put your link their. Therefore you need to have own template to upload.

Backlink from Ebooks

Everyone have a dream to have a backlink from ebook. But their dream remains a dream. Because you need to write content more than you write for your website. That’s why people don’t just create ebooks.

Guest blogging backlinks

As you know about guest blogging. If you have a blog and you want to create backlinks to other high domain authority website, you need to write guest post for them. It also called contextual backlinks.

As everyone know there are many types of backlink. Some are more powerful and some are less powerful. Today we only have to find backlink opportunities.

If you have not read my comment backlink’s article, I recommend you to read that article also. Because I have told there how to find comment backlinks opportunities.

How to Get Started with Drop My Link?

As you know creating backlinks is not easy task. Backlink is look like so boring. But it play a important roll in ranking. Backlinks are must requirement when looking for rank point of view.

There are many freelancer on freelancing website who get paid by creating backlinks for you. Why you pay? you don’t need to pay them. You only need to find those sites where you can create backlinks. If you want backlink from guest post from high DA website, you can pay for it. But if you want backlinks like comment backlinks or contextual backlink, don’t pay for it.

You are wasting your time by searching site manually where you can comment to get comment backlinks. To help you to find site, this tool will help you. Let move to find sites to create backlinks –

Create account to find sites to create backlinks

Step 1 – Search for dropmylink on Search engine.

find sites to create backlinks

Step 2 – Click on “SIGN UP FOR FREE ACCOUNT” button.

find sites to create backlinks

Step 3 – Enter your E-mail address here.
Step 4 – Click on “Sign Up Now” button.

find sites to create backlinks

Step 5 – Enter a unique password.
Step 6 – Click on “Complete Signup” button.

Here you go. You have created your account successfully. Now you need to find sites for backlink opportunities.

How to find sites to create backlinks?

Before get starting with this tool you need to install SEO Quake chrome extension. It helps to give you accurate data like Google PR, Alexa rank, SEMRush of different sites. You can choose the sites without checking them one by one. SEO Quake extension makes the things very easy for you.

1. As you can see in the image Drop my link tool use Any Time by default. But you can filter the results by last year, month or week. It will filter your result as you set it.

2. You can see number 2 in the image it is showing Results. By default tool shows only 10 result in a search page. You can change it by 20 or 30.

3. If you want to find high value’s sites like .edu or .gov. You can use TLD filter. It will show you the high value site with backlinks opportunities.

4. Category is the main filter of this tool. In category you can see comment backlinks, forum backlinks, Guest posts, Link roundups, Resource pages and Sponsor/donation links. You can go ahead by selecting any one of these filter.

5. Footprint is the filter you can use it to select type of your category backlinks. Let take an example – You selected comment backlinks category. In footprint it will show you like Luv premium and dofollow comments.

If you want brief knowledge about on-page SEO, this is the best information related this topic. Explore the topic SEO khazana.

Can I get unlimited sites using Drop My Link tool?

Here the tool is over. This tool is very easy to use. If you are beginner and looking for backlinks, this tool is best for you. But if you are intermediate, this tool is not enough for you. Because the tools has a limit. Unfortunately you can’t get unlimited backlinks opportunities from this tool. Let see why?

Suppose In your first attempt you can get 30 sites at a time. In you second attempt you will get other 30 site. You will get more 30 sites in other attempt. You will do maximum attempts as possible. But there is limit to find sites. Therefor you can use it to create unlimited backlinks.


If you started blogging earlier days, you can go with this tool. If you are at moderate level, tool can not give good satisfaction level to you. If your blog is on high level means your domain authority is good, you need to create backlinks like backlinks in E-books or backlinks from guest post. I mean you need to create backlinks from high value websites.

I hope this article and tool will help you. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Feel free to ask me, if you found any query about this article.

Thanks for reading.

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