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Are you an Indian video gamer then this article is especially for you? After reading this you will feel proud of the Indian game developer. Because in this article I am going to introduce you to some amazing Indian video games which are made by Indian game developers.

The craze for video games towards people is increasing all over the world. Because many gamers have achieved great success by playing video games. A maximum number of people play games just for fun purposes and therefore there is a craze for video games in our country. By taking this craze into view developers have made incredible indigenous video games. There is no dearth of video game players in our country i.e. India too, more and more youngsters play video games these days. Also, check the list of made-in-India games on Wikipedia. Before we have been playing games like GTA San Andreas, GTA V, Assassin’s Creed, Max Payne, IGI, Prince of Persia, PUBG, etc which are made by other countries. But not now, this is the time to grab something which is really ours. We have made many games, some of them are already popular and some are not. And my motive behind writing this article is to make our people aware of what we can do and what we did.

What are the top Indian video games?

The following is the list of video games that are completely made in India and that too by Indian developers. This list includes multiplayer games, battleground games, adventure games, shooting games, open-world games, etc.

1. Anarchy: Uprising

2. Raji: An Ancient Epic

3. The Demons of Truth

4. 1971: Indian Naval Front

5. Gora Untold Epic

6. Demise

7. Mumbai Gullies

8. Desi Adda: Games of India

9. MISSING: The Complete Saga

10. Ghajini – The Game

11. Last Land

12. Rogue Heist

13. What Remains of Edith Finch

14. Slender Man: Beyond Fear

15. Abe Chup

Wrapping up

So, this was the list of top Indian video games that are made in India by Indians and are available for everyone. If you are passionate about gaming and wish to play games that are completely made in India, this article is the answer for you. Playing these games you will not believe that these are indigenously made because their stories line, graphics used in them, action, and many features were never used before in any Indian-made game. Most of these games are available for PC but some of them are available for mobile devices as well as PlayStation too.

As we know these games are already popular as many foreign streamers play them on their channels. But to enhance their popularity and to spread them more over the world first we Indians will have to support them. So from now get switched to these games and I guarantee you that you will be addicted to these games. Thanks for reading!

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