Tiki app belongs to which country… Is Tiki indigenous or Chinese?

You are currently viewing Tiki app belongs to which country… Is Tiki indigenous or Chinese?

Making reels and short videos is in trend all over the earth however specially in India. And be it because of these reels, the hidden talent of our country got an opportunity to come out and all the credit goes to those apps where we upload our short videos and reels. Today we are going to discuss one of these apps Tiki app. Ever since the Chinese app has been banned by the Government of India, people want to know the origin of all the short videos sharing apps. And for this reason, I am writing this article that people should know which country the Tiki app belongs to.

What is the Tiki app?

Name of appTiki – Short Video Community
Type of appShort Videos app
Owned byDOL Technology PTE. LTD.

Tiki is one of the short video and reel-sharing apps. It is not as popular as Josh, Zili, Moj, and MX TakaTak apps because it is newly launched on 15th February 2021. It seems more attractive by having a beautiful logo. This app is still available on the Google Play Store which means the Government of India has not banned it yet. You can see on the Play Store, it has achieved a 10 million+ downloads milestone and has 4.2 ratings.

What are the features of the Tiki app?

  • To make the app user-friendly, it is available in English, Hindi, and Urdu languages therefore anyone can understand the commands.
  • When a video is liked by you then you can give a star to that influencer. The app has a special feature named Tiki Star that shows the top 500 influencer IDs in the series (This list is based on the number of StarUps they have got).
  • When you share the app with someone you can win Tiki T-Shirt.
  • In your profile and inbox, you can see your followers, following, and total likes.
  • It also provides a verified mark to your profile if you fulfill their creator verification policy.
  • Tiki has recently added a new feature by which you can change the video quality.
  • Tiki has an inbuild Clean Storage feature which allows you to manage the Tiki app’s junk files like stickers and magic additional files.

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Tiki app belongs to which country?

tiki app belongs to which country
Screenshot of Tiki’s official website

This is the main question of this article. I want to tell you that the Tiki app belongs to Singapore. You can see the proof of this on the Contact Us page of the app in the About Us section. There they have mentioned their company address as 65 CHULIA STREET #38-06 OCBC CENTRE SINGAPORE (049513). So thing is clear that this app is not indigenous.

Is Tiki a Chinese app?

Due to the association of this app with Singapore, it seems that this app will definitely have some relation with China. But if any link of this app was related to China, then by now this app would have been banned by the Indian government and would not even appear on the Play Store in India’s servers.

Who is the owner of the Tiki app?

The Tiki app is owned and developed by a Singapore-based company which name is DOL TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD.

FAQs about Tiki app which country

Que. Is Tiki a Chinese app?
Ans. No Tiki app is not a Chinese app.

Que. Is Tiki an indigenous app?
Ans. Tiki is not an Indigenous app.

Que. Which country owned the Tiki app?
Ans. Singapore owned Tiki app.

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