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You must have heard the name Josh app. This is India’s topmost musically and short video sharing social networking service. But have you ever wondered from which country the Josh app you are running is belong with? along with this, we are going to know is this a Chinese app? So let’s find out the answers to these questions.

Name of appJosh app
Type of appShort Videos app
Owned by VerSe Innovation
Country India

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Josh app belongs to which country?

Josh is a completely made-in-India app, where the users can share and download musically and short videos. This app is owned and developed by an Indian company Verse Innovations, which is a parent company of Dailyhunt. And you must know that Dailyhunt made in India is famous as a news aggregator app all over the world.

When TikTok was banned in India along with the Chinese app, many apps were activated to replace it, Josh is one of them. Josh app was launched on 4th July 2020 on Play Store.

Who is the owner of the Josh app?

As I told you Josh app is made by VerSe Innovation, which is a parent company of Dailyhunt and its headquarter is in Banglore, the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. Virendra Gupta is known as the founder of these companies and Umang Bedi as the co-founder.

Is Josh a Chinese app?

Josh is a completely Indian app made by VerSe Innovation, a company based in India. This app does not have even the slightest connection with China and it does not have any link with any other country.

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Features of Josh app

You can get an idea of how popular this app is by reading the reviews of this app on the Play Store. The app has completed its 100 million downloads with a rating of 4.1. The features of this app are behind getting so much success in such a short time.

First of all, this app is available in 12 different languages, due to which this app is user-friendly. The interface of this app is quite colorful which looks very attractive to see. Here on this app, you can upload your short videos, and to make your videos more attractive this app offers free special effects and emoticons stickers. Using this app, you can easily add any other audio to your video.

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Important FAQs about Josh app which country

Que. Is Josh a Chinese app?
Ans. No Josh is an Indian app.

Que. Is there a fee to register in the Josh app?
Ans. No fee is needed to do register in the Josh app.

Que. Which country owned the Josh app?
Ans. India owned the Josh app.

Que. Can I earn money from the Josh app?
Ans. Yes, you can earn money from the Josh app.

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