What is internal linking? & Benefits of its

If you want to realize the benefits of internal linking, this article is for you. Internal linking is the part of good SEO.
Internal linking is nothing without web or net. It is the too simple term.
Internal linking connects the one page of your website to other pages of your website.
It is not possible to have only one page of every website. The website has more than one page always.
internal linking
Internal linking is the simple and tremendous method to connect them with each other.
The visitor cannot find a particular page. If you have done internal linking successfully, it will help your visitors.
Every website has a different factor to keep the relation between its pages. This thing is common in all website type.
The website has a home page. This home page is the main headquarter of the server of the website. The menu, submenu, and pages are like the branch of your website.
The website has a structure like architecture and website has the structure like the blueprint. Overall, the website has a complex structure like a building.
internal linking
But, that’s not necessary.
In fact, many discussions related to site architecture and internal links are not useful. They make a lot of complexity and try a lot about some of the things that get real results.
Internal linking can be very easy! I want to show you how to create a simple internal linking method.
Why internal linking helps? first, it is found to be important to know the answer to the above question.

How internal linking found to be helpful?

Internal Linking is one of the important parts of SEO.
Let’s know about the benefits of internal linking.

1. Increase the indexation of your website

Google’s crawler follows the way of links on the Internet to search and index websites.

If a strong internal link is added to your website, Google crawlers will have a much easier time with the new content you publish and link.
The crawlers of search engine regularly crawl the website for new content If your content is bundled with multiple internal links, crawling will be faster.
Its result, the index will also be faster. And, you will get the benefits of your efforts by improving your websites rank.

2. Increases the backlink earning potential of deep content pages

If you take a look at which most of the backlinks on your website are coming from, you will see that most of them are on their homepage.
When you compare homepage backlinks to deep page backlinks, you’ll often see this as.
To having many backlinks for the homepage is the bad SEO.
Most of your external links should be directed to your internal pages and not to your home page.
If you do not publish new content actively or you are not updating your website time to time, their linking look bad as follows:
So many links to your website go directly to social media. In some case, it goes to pages (example – About, Contact etc.).
This is nothing other than SEO but there is not any plus point. it is not wrong. But no more benefits you will get.
Its value is a little bit.
If you create a strong internal linking structure, you will be able to increase the probability of getting links on internal pages, by creating clear click routes and content across the entire website.
Why? By better delivery of your links, you are increasing overall crawl preferences across the entire site.

3. It spread the ability of the site to internal pages

Friends, we are hearing some common word link juice.
It is a very nice concept. When we write a post, we also provide some links by anchors.
This is the links which are connected to the topic. Visitor read this article.
Also, he goes throughout the link also. In the next article, he finds some new links.
Again he goes throughout this links. By this way, we get the link juice.

4. Internal linking provides value to the user

This is the most important advantage of Internal linking. This is one of the SEO techniques. But it is more valuable.
Internal linking is found to be a good service for users.
Suppose, if you are enjoying while reading my article. You may like my other articles also. You will give great value to my articles.
You spend little time to add an internal link to your site increases the reader’s share of content because they can find easily other pages you have created on your website.
Internal connections can be based on the entire marketing arsenal. If it is not likely to convert directly, there is a space in the marketing funnel – to bring people to the destination.
This is like a bonus, you can help readers stay longer on your site and increase their trust by using an internal link.

Tips for Internal Linking

ü  When you write a new article you have to place five or more old links to the new page.
ü  When you place the old links to your new page, also place the new link to the old page.
ü  Your Internal Link should be an anchor. It should not appear direct link. The anchor must be useful for the present article.
ü  Do not add the Anchor like “Click here”. This will slip your value. The anchor should be related.
ü  Don’t link more than one sentence. Maximum one sentence will be accepted.
ü  Remember the links must be do follow. Don’t add the no follow links.
Final Words:
This is the full guideline for internal linking. I hope you enjoy it. In this post, I have shared the tips. This tips can improve your SEO score.
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