Why You Should Have A Domain Name For Blogspot Blog?

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Most of the newbie people are starting the blogging by preferring the Blogspot platform. Blogspot is totally free and you need too less computer technology skill for starting the blog on Blogspot platform. No need to invest anything and you will get the return very high.
If you want to start a free blog on Blogspot, prefer the following link for it.
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Here are many free facilities are available, but maximum people don’t like one thing of blogger – Blogspot domain name.
When you start the blog on Blogspot there is a very nice facility to publish your content immediately but it takes place with the help of Blogspot domain name. For that, you can fix this problem by purchasing the custom domain name in a little time.
The Blogspot URL is like:
  • ·         www.technicalrazz.blogspot.in
The custom domain name like:
  • ·         www.technicalrazz.com
Here are many advantages to adding the custom domain name for your Blogspot blog.

Why You Need To Use A Custom Domain Name For BlogSpot Blog?


1. Domain Name is Cheap

Many people ignore the custom domain name because they think the custom domain name is not cheap. This is the wrong thinking. You should check it first and then think about it.
You can get the good domain name about $1-$10. You can buy the best domain name from Godaddy or any your known website.

2. Social Media reliability

As we know Blogspot is the free platform to create the blog, It overrun by spammers.
This is the reason that these sites are less likely to be trusted by people on social media because spammer always finds the chance for spamming.
When you use the custom domain for your blog on Blogspot, you hide to representing the blog is made on Blogspot.
So the spammers cannot clarify which platform have you used?

3. Web Promotion

Web promotion is a very simple thing like the promotion of a business. You can do promotion on social media to link building.
When you try to create a backlink on any high authority website, it will not give you the backlink while using the blogspot domain.
This can become a promotion more challenging.

4. Seriousness about blogging

When the new person starts blogging, he chooses the Blogspot platform to create the blog. There are many people are serious about blogging.
The visitors observe the pro website. Pro website has good and helpful content, good layout, good look, and smart domain too.
If you want to appear pro, you can get everything free except the domain name. You have to spend the money on a custom domain name.

5. Domain as a Brand

If you are looking for the start the blog or have started the blog yet, absolutely you want to make it a brand.
Now you can realize how is your brand? What is the requirement of it? The first requirement is the matching custom domain name.
By using the custom domain your blog appears like a professional brand. There are many things to become a brand.

6. Domain-based Contact

I hope you have seen this type yet if you aren’t I am going to show you.
When you grab a domain name, you get the facility to create the domain based email id (like – admin[at]technicalrazz.in).

7. Advantage in SEO

When you start to audit your website by using any SEO tool, it will give you the first warning to add the custom domain for good SEO.
If you will become the pro blogger and looking to migrate the blog to WordPress, you will not lose the traffic when have used the custom domain name.

How to Get the best Custom Domain Name?

Now you need to find the best domain name for your blog. Make sure that you are not using the personal name you have to invent the best domain name for your blog.
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Go ahead and grab the best domain name for your Blogspot blog. If you found any problem, feel free to contact me.
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