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How to earn from Quora? – In this article, I am going to discuss some accurate methods so that you can make money from Quora. is the world’s leading question-answer website. It is so famous that questions from all walks ask on it. Questions related to health, earning, career, education, gaming, marketing, repairing, editing, and many more subjects are asked on it. It is the best source for gaining traffic to the website so this indirectly helps you for earning.

The popularity of Quora is very high in India. Mora that 30% of worldwide Quora’s traffic comes from India. Now Quora is available in many regional languages of India.

Methods to earn money from Quora

There are many direct and indirect ways to earn money from Quora. Quora also has its own monetization program commonly known as the Quora partner program, which we will discuss later in this article.

1. Quora monetization

To get directly paid from Quora you need to join their partner program. It is a program by Quora in which you earn money by asking a few interesting questions. This is very similar to Google AdSense. The more you ask questions and get answers, the more you will earn. But why does Quora pay you to ask questions? Because Quora runs some ads on your questions. There is the ad on your question so because of you, the advertiser gets clients, hence the advertiser pay to Quora, and the indirect reason for it is you. Therefore you get paid from Quora just asking questions.

Now the question is how to join Quora Partner Program? We can join Quora Partner Program only when Quora invites us to join. Quora will invite you when you put a lot of interesting questions on Quora, it will increase the traffic of Quora. In such a situation Quora invites you to join its partner program. Because you can enter more interesting questions and both Quora and you can earn together. Generally, it has been found that when one’s question gets 1 lakh views, then Quora’s invitation comes. However, many people have also agreed on 50000 views.

Hard work on Quora can earn you a good amount. We have many people who are earning 6-figure amounts from Quora. If you want to get paid from Quora then you should have to do like blogging on it.

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2. Affiliate marketing on Quora

Quora is one such platform where the chances of getting converted are very high. The most important thing for affiliate marketing is a platform where affiliate products can be promoted. Quora has millions of daily traffic. If affiliate marketing is done on Quora, then you get indigenous as well as foreign customers provided a lot of hard work has to be done.

Where can you sell affiliate products? You can sell where people need such products. As people ask on Quora “how to lose weight”. They ask questions because they are looking for solutions to their problems.

Perhaps you know that most of the highly educated people ask questions on Quora, who already have a lot of income and they are people with good knowledge. They do not have spare time to do all such research. Therefore, after doing complete research on your part, give the solution factor to their question and recommend your product to them. But keep in mind while writing the answer, your answer should be in such a way that they find you professional and try to get yes in their yes. If you have explained well then your chances of selling your product are more here than in Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

Now some things that you have to keep in mind while doing affiliate marketing on Quora:

  • Direct link of affiliate offers is not allowed so don’t share direct product links.
  • Answer with an affiliate link will be considered as spam so it will be get deleted.
  • Doing so may result in the suspension of your account.

So you can take the help of blog posts to promote the affiliate products. The review articles of all the products that you want to sell prove to be very artisanal.

3. Reselling on Quora

Reselling can also be done in the same way as affiliate marketing is done on Quora. Reselling means you can resell anything. Reselling of digital products on Quora is most easy.

Like new blogging people ask on Quora which is the cheapest and best hosting. Such people do not know anything about hosting and all these things too. Almost all hosting companies have reselling plans, you can use them. You can also earn money by subscribing to the SEO Tool and giving its access to the people. But you have to put some investment in it.

That’s why I have written an article in which I have told how you can earn money without investment, that too by using mobile.

If done, anything is possible. You can resell any number of ways. You can run your Meesho business by finding customers on Quora. You can sell your old mobile to someone who wants to take a second-hand mobile or laptop.

4. More traffic from Quora

With the help of Quora, a lot of traffic can be brought to the website. This is an indirect way to earn money because in this way you earn money from your website, not from Quora. Quora is a great source to gain traffic.

Quora is a question and answer website on which all types of questions are asked by people. And only smart people ask questions on Quora. I told you that you can also use Quora to do keyword research. On Quora, you have to find a question that matches with your topic and that question does not even have a solution factor answer. Target such a question and write half an incomplete answer there. Keep a detailed article on the same topic ready on your website and give the link of your article in the reference below your answer. By doing this, traffic will come to your website through Quora.

If traffic comes to the website, then the views and clicks will also increase. Its impact will also be on the CPC, if the person is from the US/UK region, then it is obvious that the CPC will be increased. So, no matter how low the organic traffic on your website is, Quora can bring a lot of traffic and earn a lot of money.

5. Selling eBooks on Quora

eBooks are something that everyone needs. You can sell your own eBooks and resell others. You just need to have a very good and strong strategy. Where will you get the eBook first thing? You can choose any particular topic, collect information about it, merge it and make a very good eBook. Either that topic you have chosen, you can buy eBooks from the experts of that topic. And resell it by reducing the price a little, you will make a lot of money.

Now let’s know a little about the strategy of selling eBooks. You have to find a topic which is trending but has very few resources on the internet like SAP course, Tally ERP course, HTML project code, sample syntax or programs, etc. After this, on Quora, you will have to find the already asked questions related to your eBook. Example – How a new company is formed in SAP? Find such a question and write its complete correct answer so that you can have a good image in his mind. And below the answer, explain to him the relation of eBook and the topic which question he asked or else write a catchy sentence like full guided SAP eBook for sale in low price. This can convert your efforts into sales.

I have given the idea of how the strategy should be, now it is up to you to choose the topic. The more rare your topic is, the more chances you have of getting sales to the eBook. Anywhere topic is the key.

6. Earn from Quora Space

Just like there is a group on Facebook, there is a space on Quora. It is the best alternative to the Partner Program. No matter how big a Facebook group is, there is no profit from it, but the bigger the Quora Space, the more engagement will be on it, the more your revenue will increase.

Following are 3 great ways to generate revenue from Quora Space:-

  • Space subscription: Offer a paid subscription directly to followers of your Space.
  • Quora+ revenue sharing: Earn money from views on the content you reserve for Quora+ subscribers.
  • Ad revenue sharing: Receive a portion of the revenue generated by ads shown in your Space.

let’s know how you earn money by making Quora Space? Quora Space means group on Quora. Spaces on Quora are made on particular topics and they aim to discuss the same specific topic. And Quora has launched Quora Space with the aim of increasing its engagement. There are many people on the space who write questions, write answers and there are sponsored posts somewhere on the same feed. So your space members increase engagement and your Space is directly responsible for this. Therefore you get paid from Quora.

Although it is a bit difficult to grow the Space, but once you have grown, you get very good results. Quora itself promotes your Space when people search for something on Quora related to your topic. So once your Space starts growing up, it won’t be back. The minimum milestone of $10 you have to achieve to start receiving payment from Quora. It doesn’t have sharp criteria like AdSense so it is pretty good actually.

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All of these are the way to earn money from Quora. If you really want to earn, I recommend you to go for Quora Partner Program. This is the best way because in this you have to work less than in other ways. Just ask questions, write answers, and get paid. Quora is also like a blog, your entered question can rank very easily due to the authority of Quora’s website. So if you are thinking of starting blogging, then you can focus on Quora instead of creating your own blog. Because it is very difficult to rank a new blog in 2022.

Quora is a genuine platform where thousands of people are taking advantage in different ways. You can earn in the same way provided you have to work hard first. Thanks for reading!

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