Beware from Online Earning Money websites?

Friends, people search daily how to earn online money? You may know hundreds of method to earn money online.
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Here are so many real websites provide the good services. Also, the fake websites are here. Today I am telling beware from online money earning websites and how they cheat with you?

How online earning websites cheat with you?

So many websites and online communities invite people to earn money. People accept those invitations and they become their regular customer.
All over the websites like this type are not true. But someone may be true.
These websites attract the people by sending the message on their email id or anywhere. People fallow their all instruction and spend their more time to earn online money on the website. 
The website policy is after a month you can withdraw your money. People start work regularly on the website.
When your one working month completed, your profile block or your money has donated to charity work or orphanage. It will happen automatically.
This is not fair. You have to spend your one month to earn from that particular websites. In short word, you have wasted your month in the wrong way. 
After that incident, your trust in online earning is broke. You confirm that online earning do not work really. It is only bad characters.

Why Online earning website created?

Some people have made their own website. But they do not get more traffic on their website. On the base of traffic on their website their payment depends.
If the numbers of visitors are maximum then the earning is also maximum. If the numbers of visitors are less then the earning is also less.
They don’t have more ideas to write their blogs. When they don’t have traffic on their website, therefore, they do like this. 
They make an attractive banner or photo. Now they upload it on social media. They promote it very well.
You know about AdSense. I have given complete information about it.
Either they create app or software type. People can see the ads on the website and app respectively.
As we know we get the money from the impression and also from the click on ads. We get more money from clicking on ads.
Here is the same case. When the visitors serve on this website, they see the ads. The publisher gets the impression.
The publisher has clearly mentioned in the instruction that clicks on the ads. Means that he gets more money.
He gives the money to visitor also but the very low amount. Here the minimum threshold is also available for the visitor.

How to know the good online earning website?

Friends we have discussed how people cheat with their traffic? People hope to earn money and the owner of the website cheat with the visitors. The website is of two types provided. One is purposed selfish that means only earn money in any way. 
Anyway means the wrong way. Another is helping website which really helps people in any work. This is not purposed selfish. This provides good and true information. Here is not any force to subscribe the website by mail I’d. This type of website grows very fast. People can only visit this website. 
All websites where we can subscribe are not cheated. Some website work on subscribe. They provide daily updates by email. So the website wants visitors to the email I’d. So here is the subscribe option. But the website which does not help and to visit it subscribe is required then it is 100% selfish. Any wrong information can be or maybe on those websites. The website which orders to visit daily then it is not the true website. Websites are the big platform for earning. 
Here people only think about growing up their website. And increase the numbers of visitors to there website. The good, real and true website does not need to increase their traffic. The visitors of their website increases automatically. Means the content is true so people get help. so people read the updates of the website regularly and they become regular visitors to your website. So don’t become the fool and don’t make fool to any others.
Over to you:
I have written this blog post as per my research and my knowledge. This was Beware from online earning websites.
If anybody knows more about that, please tell me in the comment below.
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