FanFight Fantasy Sports Platform – Is It Legal and Secure to Participate?

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Hey, I have one other fantasy sports platform. I know many people like to play like rummy. Therefore they are earning by playing rummy. You can also earn by playing contests. In this article, I am going to tell you about a genuine Fantasy sports platform. I am going to discuss everything about it including the place from where you can do FanFight app download.

This platform does not promote their business because people search for them. As you know this the Fantasy Sports-based platform where you have to win prizes by playing parts of paid contests.

You have to play the fantasy sports contest on this platform to win money or big prizes like iPhone. To play the contests you have make your imaginary team.

What is Fantasy Sports?

– Fantasy Sports is the type of sport which played using the internet and where you have to create an imaginary team by assembling real-life professional sportsperson in your team.

Imaginary team means that team where you can add the players from both teams. It means if you want play contest with particular two teams. You can add the players from both the teams to your team.

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What is FanFight Fantasy Sports?

This is the platform where you can play the Fantasy Sports game. It is launched by Akhil Suhag and Its co-founder and CEO is also Akhil Suhag.

Is it legal to play a Fantasy game on FanFight?

– Yes this is legal to play on it. This platform is safe, secure, and legal. The platform follows all laws and legislation of the central and state governments of India. Also, they keep user’s data private, therefore the users are protected here. They design every contest carefully that should comply with applicable statutes and regulations in India. This platform is associated with the Indian Federation of Sports and Gaming (IFSG).

Here you can play free contests as well as paid contests too. Fantasy sports is a skill-based game and don’t consider it in the list of gambling.

How to get started with FanFight?

There is the same process either on the official website or app. You can’t find its app on the Google Play Store, You have to download this their official app from its official website. Let see you want to start –

Step 1 – Download the app or go to the official website.

Step 2 – Click on the Login button at the top right corner of the app/website.

Step 3 – Enter mobile number and click on proceed button. It will send an OTP to your entered mobile number. (Here you can also log in with your Facebook and Google account).

Step 4 – Now enter the OTP and click on the Proceed button.

Step 5 – It will ask you for email Id, enter your email Id and click on Register button.

Here is the different login system. You don’t need to use your password here. You can log in here with OTP verification. When you are going to log in with your mobile number, it sends an OTP to your number. Enter that OTP at the time of Logging in.

Now you are ready to play the contests but before the start, to playing the contest you have to make your dream team first. Without making your team you can get participate in any contests.

How to create team on FanFight app?

Creating the team is most important part, because your team can get you the big prize. Here you need your skills. Either you can create the team using official website or you can create team by using platform’s app. This is very easy to make assembly of players but you have to make this with vast knowledge about the players. It seems like guessing.

first of all, select the match where you want to create your team. On the basis of this team, you will have to take participate in the contest. Therefore you need to add players carefully.


After selecting an upcoming match, now click on the green Create Team button at the bottom of the app. You can see four different sections WK (Wicket Keeper), BAT (Batsman), ALL-R (All-Rounder), and BOWL (Bowler). There is no different section for a different team. It displays Both teams together.

Suppose you like a player and want to add it to your team, click on the + button of the player. Once you click on the player’s button, he will be added to your team. If you want to remove that player from your team, click on the added player again.

fanfight create team

After adding all 11 players, click on the green proceed button at bottom of the app. It will open a new page where you have to select the captain and vice caption of your team. In each player name box, you can see the rounded C (Captain) button and rounded VC (Vice-Captain) button. After selecting Captain and Vice-Captain, click on the “Save Team” button.

How you can add money to your account?

At the time you registered, you get ₹25 in your wallet. On this platform, you can also play free contests, but there is no more profit. Therefore you need to add minimum value. They set a cash adding limit. You can add a minimum of ₹20 and a maximum of ₹100,000. They run a special offer for starters. If you added ₹100 or above, you will get about ₹200 extra cash. If you got the coupon from anywhere you can add it here.

fanfight add cash

Step 1 – Go to Wallet page on the app.

Step 2 – Enter the amount which you have to add to your wallet. (You can add minimum ₹20 and maximum ₹100,000).

Step 3 – Enter coupon code, if you have or apply coupon code if you are adding the amount more than ₹100.

Step 4 – Click on “Add Cash” button.

Here are many ways to add money including PayTM, PhonePe, MobiKwik, Amazon Pay, Debit Card, Credit Card, and Net banking. You can go for any payment method which you have. Complete the payment process.

Now you have money in your account to play paid contests. You are ready to play contests.

How to play contests?

There are three games Cricket, Football, and Basketball related contest and one quiz contest. Here you can play contest on whole over the world Cricket, Football and Basketball matches including Domestic, National leagues and International too.

In the quiz you can see three types of quiz India T20 special photo quiz, Cricket quiz and General quiz. This quiz based contests are paid contests.

There are many types of contests on this platform Beginner Contests, Mega Contests, Hot Contests, Rumble, Head 2 Head, and the Last Man Standing. If you are a beginner, they have specially launched beginner contests for you. You can play this beginner contest for a minimum amount. If the entry fee of the contest is ₹10 you will win ₹20. It means the winning percentage is 50%.

Let see an example of the Mega Contest. You have to pay ₹49 for the Mega contest. The maximum prize is ₹100,000, which get by the only one lucky winner. You can see the price winning breakdown for Mega Contest in the above image.

How to do fanfight app download?

You can not do FanFight app download directly from Play Store. If you want to download the app, you have to download it from the official website. Go to your browser and search for the FanFight app download, where you get the official website link. Download the app directly from the official website.

fanfight app download

From the official website, you can download the app either for Android or iOS. After getting participate in the contest, you need to wait till the end of the match. At the time of ending the match, they declare the results of the contests.

You can easily withdraw your won amount to your bank account. Here is no special option to add bank detail or card detail. You have to add your bank detail at the time of adding cash to your account. You can withdraw your money only to that account.

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