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People start a blog on blogger with their pleaser of mind but The blog is not a small thing blog is a very vast subject by a blog we get the chance to share our knowledge with others. Blog make you popular and famous in the technology world. By your useful blog, people get the help. In Return, you get the chance to earn for yourself.

If you are a beginner blogger then you wonder that it can create a blog in free, in this blog post, I am happy to give you the knowledge to make your own blog with free.

The Introduction To

A platform that gives you a chance to create a free blog is It is the property of Google. Where we can create a free blog. Here we get the free domain also. The free domain name is (for example –

If you need the paid domain then you can also buy a domain. (for example –

Why maximum people choose the

1) To start a blog with is free and very easy for every newest blogger.
2) Google is the owner of it so you can trust on this platform.
3) There are too many free platforms to create a free blog but the is the victor in all of them. It will offer all feature for free. You do not need any cost.
4) Blogger gives you a chance to earn money by monetizing plan. You can monetize your blog with Google AdSense.
Let’s start the guidance on how to create a blog on below.

Follow the Steps to start a blog on blogger

Now you have all basic knowledge which is recommended to know while starting blogging on It’s too beneficial.

How to create the Blogger account

To start with, go to, here you can see the wondered page of blogger. The very beautiful page this is which increase the attraction toward

As your knowledge, is the product of Google. It is not only trusted but also a very beneficial. It is a big possibility with maximum people to have a Gmail account. Now this Gmail account will help you to create the blogger account. You do not need the new one.

If you have no Gmail account or any other Google product account then create the new one.

Step 1 – Now login to blogger

(Blogger will suggest or ask you to use blogger as your Google plus profile. You have to choose the option as you wish. But I recommend you to use your blogger as a Google Plus page because it is one of the best social media to share your blog where you can directly share your blog to your Google plus profile.)

start a blog on blogger

Step 2 – After that click on “Create New blog” button.

Choose Name and Theme of Blog

Now the next screen will show you to choose your Domain ( Choose the good and neet domain name where people can reach your website easily. Domain name is like your office address, If you gave it perfectly then people can surf you easily. If you gave it non-perfect then people can’t find you.

You have to choose the perfect domain name which is related to your topic on your website. The domain may not be so long or so short. It may be perfect.

start a blog on blogger

Next, Now You have to choose a clean theme for your blog. Blogger gives you some simple themes free and that is perfect for the newbie blogger. You can observe its preview also. Read this article to brief knowledge about change theme of blogger blog.

After choosing the theme click on the “Create blog” button. The information you have entered, you can change later also.

Optimize your Blogger Blog

After Create the blog, it will take time to become so famous as well as popular. You will automatically get the knowledge how to do blogging?

Have you heard the word meta description, meta title? This is the process which does not need to do repeatedly. You have to set it only one time. But you change it too.

In this image, you can see the setting option as it is you can see in also your blog. Just click on “Settings” and now you are ready to add your blog information below.

1. Enter the description to your blog

First, you have to click on basic after setting. This is the description of your blog. It is visible to all you public. This is a primary setting option which is recommended by the blogger to all the blogger.

2. Setting to post section of the blog

This is the Section which is about your blog home page. How it will see and How many articles you want to show on your homepage. So this is also a good setting. If you did not get it then click on question mark sign to recommended help by blogger community.

3. Set the Search Preference setting

This section is too important to your blog. It will show your blog to search engine.

Meta tags – You must write a short note on your blog which can define your blog what is it about. This note is so many important. The search engine can read it. It will show on the search engine so set it attractive by which people can attract.

start a blog on blogger

Custom page not found – This is the part of SEO so this is a must do for a blogger. You have to set this in order to your readers. Some page is no longer exist on your blog so this type of pages will help to turn reader to another page.

Custom redirects – This is another part of SEO one. Also this You must set. This help to change your reader to another link. This is the very useful option for your readers and also helpful. Now we start a new section of the blog I advise you don’t ignore it. Before start writing the Articles, you should complete this task. This makes your blog attractive.

Edit Theme and Layout

This is the designation section of our blog. In this section, you can add or remove the widget. You can add the logo of your blog.

The themes recommended by the blogger are so simple and basic. If you want to add another theme then you can download it for free by the search on Google. Just Google it and make your blog attractive looking. If you did not change the theme then you will go through the default theme by blogger.

1. Add the logo for your Blog

The logo is the specific identity of the things so people use the logo. The logo is the branded identity of the product. do allow to use your logo to custom our blog brand. You can create the logo by yourself by using some free tool like Canva. Now get up and go ahead and create the logo of your blog.

If you are not interested to create the logo then you can also buy the logo from the expert of the logo designer. While your logo is ready to launch then go to edit option from header section of the layout

It will show you some option to show the logo on your blog, now the popup window will open now select the logo image which you have decided to use as a logo and then Publish your logo.

2. Add the custom gadget

Gadgets are small pieces of such thing which you have to show in the large window. It makes the website beautiful and expensive. Helps to add something in summary.

You can use those to add Social Media buttons a search option, visitor stats, Earning stats, Something new. And so many things you can use as the gadget by using HTML.

If you want to add the custom gadget to your blog then go to the layout section of your blogger account. Choose the space where you want to add the gadget. Then you can create the new gadget or If some default gadget you did not like then you can change it like your choice.

Now Click on add a gadget the suggested popup window will open then you can choose in that link recommended by the blogger. If you want to do something new then you can do that also by clicking on HTML/javaScript. Now find something new.

Start writing content

In the blogger case, so many people are confused that pages and articles are the same types but this is the wrong blogger have given you a special section to add the Pages and the special section to write the articles. This is also an advantage of the blogger.

Try to write unique and fresh content. Read this massive guide to make your article SEO friendly.

This page option helps you create the page of your blog such as about us, privacy policy, contact us. These pages are a must for monetization with AdSense.

Remember – In the Blogger you can write unlimited articles. As you write as. But you can only add twenty pages to a blogger. But I think this is sufficient for a blogger. A blogger creates a maximum of ten pages. So it is sufficient for a blogger.

1. Creating an about us page for your blog

The about us page is one of the important pages of your website and it is necessary to blog having an about us page. Readers who follow you or who read your article, they obviously check yours about. What is your aim of blogging and who are you? This important thing included in about page. So this is so important to have an about page.

Simply go to the page section of your blog interface. Then click on create the new page situated in the upper center of the page. First of all, include the name of the page. Do nothing another because if you have done something else then some first word takes the place of URL. So remember it.

Now you can describe yourself, Including your country, your occupation, if you have some award then you can also include it, about your nature, about your blog.

If you are a business person then you can also describe your business. This is like something promotion for your business and will also get more content. We will grow up. This is not the necessity to add your contact detail likely your social media account but it looks like free personality.

2. Create a Privacy policy and Disclaimer page

Privacy policy page denotes what data you are using on your website and what information do you collect from your visitors. It should be ready before monetization and or start writing the articles because these are too many important pages of your blog.

You can generate these pages automatically. Some tools are available which helps to generate good pages. You have to give all your legal information to that tool like cookie information, ads information. I suggest you write this page by your self because you will use the language which should get by your visitors.

3. Writing your first post

After done all thing now the time to start writing articles with Write the article on the niche which you should have the skill and deep knowledge. You can research on Google. Find your keyword and write the post related to your keyword. The keyword is so important to rank your article.

To write a new article in blogger, first, go to the Post section of your blog dashboard. Now click on new post. The new dashboard will open which look like something notepad or MS word. Start to write a new article. Give the title to your post first, and then add the images in your article, all some link to another article related to your article. This is an important part of a post.

However, write the new post every day. In fact, the blog should update daily. Try to write the longer post about two thousand words. Longer post liked by readers. I recommended you a longer post.

Monetize Your Blog With Google AdSense

This monetization plan is most important to start earning. How to apply for AdSense. There are many terms and conditions your blog must follow that terms and conditions. Here is how to monetize your blogger blog with AdSense.

Note – There are unlimited ways by which you can earn money via your blog. You can earn money through affiliate marketing, etc. but they are beyond the scope of this article. However, you can check our complete list of blog monetization methods here. When your blog will be so big and your reader number will increase then you will definitely earn money from your blog. To apply for AdSense via, go to your dashboard, click on “Earnings” and click switch AdSense account.

This is the full guideline how to start a blog on blogger. If you like this article don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you find any query in this article, don’t hesitate to inform me.

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