WTF Full Form – What is the meaning of WTF?

wtf full form

What is the full form of WTF?

The full form of the term WTF is What The Fuck. It is one of the most used acronyms while chatting on social media or messenger. It is very popular in itself and used by all over the world. Also, you can see this in memes, short videos, gaming videos, and funny videos on YouTube and Social Media.

In this digital era, people are getting very close to social media. Nowadays we spend a lot of time on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and much more. As you know, social media is everything in itself. Because of social media, some people become very popular and some people completely drown. Every entertainment is available on social media like movies, short videos, funny videos, games, and so on. And most popular chatting, there is no person who doesn’t like chatting.

You have got into the habit of typing very fast on mobile while chatting. So we try to reply as soon as possible to someone. People have abbreviated some word groups to respond quickly. These abbreviations are helpful for quick replies. And WTF is one of the famous abbreviations on social media.

When to use WTF?

If you talk in English in your everyday life, then in some situations their words automatically come on your tongue. Let have a look at some of the situations as given below.

  1. You can use this word when someone told you a thing that is not acceptable.
  2. Also you can use this term when something happened unexpected.
  3. Use this term when you get wondered after seeing something.

Along with What the fuck, WTF is used as an acronym for the following words.

  • WTF – Williamstown Theater Festival
  • WTF – Work Time Fun
  • WTF – World Taekwondo Federation

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