How to write SEO friendly article in Blogger?

Hello, friends, I hope that you have got the idea about this article after watching the title. Why am I writing this SEO friendly article? Many people think that a good ranking cannot happen without the SEO tool. This thinking is right. But you don’t know, in ranking the role of on-page SEO is greater than off-page SEO.
seo friendly
80% depends on your on-page. Think about it how important it is!

How to write SEO friendly blog posts?

I have given them all the information in short and deep. let start the point-to-point strategic information.

Choose the correct keyword

Before start writing your post, you have to select a keyword for your article. Also, you have to find the related keywords. You can find it with the help of the keyword tool.
The keyword is the very important thing to write an optimized article. You have to select those keywords which should be matched with your niche. I recommend the long-tail keyword because there is not more competition.
So try to optimize the article with the long tail keyword.

Use image SEO optimization

Many newbie people ignore image optimization. Image SEO optimization is as important as meta tags. Image SEO optimization is no small thing.
In fact, it will take more time than writing. Don’t use the image whose size is in three digits. You should use liter image to write a good article.
The name of the image file should be matched with a long-tail keyword or title.
Don’t add a hyperlink into your image while added in the article. In blogger, we have the option to remove the hyperlink.
Always add the alt attribute to the image. This alt attribute should be your keyword.


Add keywords in headings

While writing an article we use heading tags. In blogger, these tags have special names.
In blogger, the title is the main heading. The main heading is called the H1 tag. Add your targeted keyword into your H1 tag.
The name of the H2 tag is heading. You have to peek your keyword into it.
Remember when you are writing a heading, you should write it including keywords.
In minor headings, you can add your related keywords.

Write the optimized article body

You have added keywords into your article’s heading. Now you have to use the related keyword into the body of the article. It is an incomplete article without keywords included in the article body.
You can bold your keywords. Therefore the crawler can catch it without any problem.
Don’t bold to non-keyword things.  Bold is also a tag. The bold tag is called a strong tag. So the crawler always observes the strong tag first.
Your keyword should be in your article. It should be included in the first 120 words and in the last 120 words from the ending.

Do internal linking

Internal linking is the most important part of SEO. Internal linking comes under the type of backlinks. You need to know the importance of internal linking.
Don’t add the direct links. Add a link into the form of an anchor.
The internal link should be related to your article. If you are writing the article on online earning and you added the internal link on technology it is totally bad.
If you have done like this, your domain authority will not increase because it comes under bad SEO. It is hazardous for your blog.


Choose the correct label

When you write an article, it should be related to a niche. The niche should be presented as a label in a blogger. The label is short information about your article. It represents the main motive of your article.
seo friendly
Suppose I am writing this article and it will add the SEO label to it. Similarly, you will have to do. You cannot ignore it.

Choose the correct Permalink

This is very very important to add the correct keyword to your article. The permalink should be accurate with your keyword. This is the most important place where you have to add the keyword.
seo friendly
This is the full strategy to write an optimized post. I have given short information to you about it. If you want to rank good then you have to follow this all instructions.

Write an Optimized Search Description

A search description is the main part of indexing. Search crawlers can read it. This description is special for crawlers as well as visitors.
seo friendly
Crawlers always read it before crawl your article. You have to add a short description in 120 words.
Remember the keyword also placed in this description. It should describe your article. Also, I have a good reference for you Hindi how to write an SEO-friendly article?
Final Words:
This is the full strategy to write a good and optimized article. This all information is part of on-Page SEO. you should try it.
By following the above information you can write a perfect SEO-friendly article.
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