Method to transfer data from Mobile to PC wirelessly

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Have you ever transferred data from your mobile to PC or PC to mobile? You must have used several ways to do so but in this article, I am going to tell you a very smart and very quick wireless method to transfer data from Mobile to PC. You don’t need to root your phone and don’t need to download any software on your computer, you just need to use an app on your phone.

Follow the wireless method to transfer data from Mobile to PC

As I promised, you need to install only an app on your mobile. The name of that app is WiFi FTP Server, you can easily download this app from Google PlayStore. The further process is mentioned in steps so follow that steps as it is shown.

1. Turn on your mobile data and hotspot together.

2. Connect your computer to the mobile hotspot, now turn only the mobile data off, and keep the computer is connected to the mobile hotspot.

3. Now open the Wifi FTP Server app, tap on the Start button. After starting, the app will generate a Server URL for your device. Now keep passions, don’t do anything on your mobile.

4. Go to File Manager/This PC on your computer.

5. Click the right mouse button anywhere on empty space on the front page of File Manager/This PC in the computer and then go for Add a network location.

6. Now it will open a pop-up window with a set of instructions, click on the Next button in the first pop-up window.

7. Look at the image this is the second pop-up, here you first have to select Choose a custom network location and then click on the Next button.

8. In the next window, you have to enter the same Server URL as it is in the Wifi FTP Server app and then click on the Next button.

9. It will again open a window, where you can change whether you have to log in Anonymously or not, then click on the Next button. It will again open a window for changing the Server name, there click on the Next button. It will open a final window click on the Finish button.

10. After this there will open a folder. As you can see the Internal Storage of your mobile will open in that folder on the computer and this is fully accessible.

Now you can copy any file from your mobile to computer and also you can paste a file from computer to mobile.

This video is uploaded on the TECH TRYING YouTube channel. Watch this know the exact process to transfer.

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Some other methods to transfer data

  1. Xender – This is a more easy method, but due to the prohibition of Chinese bodies in India, we are unable to access it. Although it is accessible by using a VPN but it is a legal offense. My work is only to inform you, this is on to you what you should do. You can get help from YouTube to know the process of Xender.
  2. Cloud Storage – This is also a better method, but go for this method only when you have unlimited internet. Because this method consumes a lot of internet, first you have to upload file and then download it. For this you can use any cloud storage eg. Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.
  3. Nearby Share – Earlier this convinience were only for mobiles but now it can also be used in Windows 10 or above PC. But currently this facility is available for transfering data from computer to computer. The feature of computer to mobile data transfer will be added soon.
  4. Bluetooth – Bluetooth is one of the oldest data transfering feature, now completely available to use in mobiles and computers. But it has a drawback that it works with very less speed, so you can use it when you want to share small files.
  5. Wifi Direct – If you the method that I have explained in this article, definitely you must like this too. These both are similar and can be performed using File Transfer Protocol. You just need to download files from your mobile to PC.

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Final words

Sometimes it becomes very important to transfer data and at such times if you do not bring a data cable, then the solution to this problem is to transfer data without a data cable. There are many wireless methods, and I have shared some of them very easy and cheap methods with you.

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