Question – Why Can’t I Post on Reddit? – Solution is Here

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You are missing a lot of traffic, it you are not on Reddit. Avoiding Reddit is looks like something wrong. For get traffic from reddit you need to post on it. If you cant be posting on it, ask me why can’t I post on Reddit? In this article I am telling you best solution to your question.

Have you heard the word digg? Reddit is the newer version of digg. As you know Reddit is one of the top 100 websites on the internet. It really works to get thousand of view to your website from reddit. There may some reasons behind occurring this issue. I am going to cover all that reason by which can’t post error may be occurring.

Reasons for why can’t I post on Reddit

There are some reason by which you can’t post on Reddit. The reasons is as follows –

  • If you have created your Reddit account recently (few hour ago) and don’t have more karma on your Id, Reddit doesn’t allow you to post.
  • If you have posted too many post in short time, they do ban you for certain time. They do slowed you down for few time.
  • May be your account suspended from Reddit. There may be many reason by which your account get suspended.

How to fix unable to publish on Reddit?

I have things that will help you to keep your account running smoothly in Reddit. You won’t find any trouble to post on Reddit anytime.

  • Try to become community member. I mean try to increase engagement with Reddit community. If you are doing this, they will friendly behave with you.
  • You need to get more karma with your profile. Karma can increase the value of your Reddit profile.
  • You need to increase your engagement with people. Try to do comments everyday. This will help you to keep engage with people.

As you know Reddit is a little bit typical to use but trust me once you start to use it you don’t feel hard to use it again. There are all intelligent people on Reddit. You will learn more from Reddit. Go ahead and create account on Reddit and start to use it from today.

Reddit won’t ban you easily therefore don’t worry about it. Increases engagement and karma. I hope you like this article. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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