Jonathan vs Scout vs Regaltos – Who is the No. 1 BGMI player in India

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Currently BGMI which is split form PUBG is the most played game by Indians. Its popularity is increasing so much that a new content creator is being became every day. For this reason, there are so many creators, streams and eSports players, it becomes difficult to say who is the best. To solve this question, we are going to discuss in this article on this topic i.e. who is No. 1 BGMI player in India?

If you people have come to this article to know the answer to this question, then you will get the answer, first know some important things. We have created this article by comparing eSports players not on the basis of player’s firing style, number of kills, and KD. It may also happen that the streamer whose streaming you watch is the best for you, but it is not so. The player who has done so many feats, how many prizes he has won by competing with the rest, keeping all these things in mind, he is called the best.

Who is No. 1 BGMI player in India?

Jonathan Amaral commonly known as Jonathan is the No. 1 BGMI player in India. It is not only me, but the gaming community of the whole of India believes in this. Jonathan’s role is that of Assaulter. His assaulting is so good that no one can deny him as India’s No. 1 Assaulter. He is not only streamer but also one of the best eSports players in India. This guy is streaming BGMI on YouTube. The name of his YouTube channel is Jonathan Gaming. It has over 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, it shows how famous he is. Along with the best player, Jonathan is also considered to be the no. 1 eSports player. The genuine reason behind this is that Jonathan has led India very well in PUBG global competitions many times.

If you want additional information about him like Jonathan’s BGMI ID, Clan, Age, layout, and sensitivity then we have already written an article on it. For your kind of information, Jonathan is currently playing for GodLike eSports, before that he used to play for TSM Entity. Ghatak, the lead player of TSM Entity, is believed to be behind making him so successful.

Achievements of Jonathan

The below is the table of achievements by Jonathan, which shows the tournaments Jonathan has participated in till date and his placement:

20191stPUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split: South Asia
20195thPUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split Global Finals
20202ndPUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia Season 1 : League
20202ndPUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia Season 1: Finals
20201stPUBG Mobile India Series 2020
20206thPUBG Mobile World League Season 0: East
20211stSky eSports Champions 3.0
20211stLoco War of Glory Grand Finals
20211stOneShot Showdown Season 2: Grand Finals
202213thPUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021: Grand Finals

Recently, the Red Bull M.E.O. Season 4 BGMI tournament took place, in which Jonathan also showed great performance and won Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the event award. The team that Jonathan was playing for i.e. GodLike eSports finished out on the 3rd position.

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