What is FPS in PUBG? | What is the full form of FPS in PUBG?

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What is FPS in PUBG Mobile?

The term FPS stands for Frame Per Second in PUBG, BGMI, and all games. The game’s FPS is tied to your device’s hardware. The FPS your device can handle is the same as it appears in your game. And if you decrease the FPS of your game by changing the graphics setting then it will be difficult to handle to the device, due to which your game will run by stucking. That’s why the people playing the game do that as much FPS as possible.

Follow the steps below to know how can you change the fps setting in PUBG mobile & BGMI?

  1. Open the front page of PUBG mobile.
  2. Now got to Settings >> Graphics.
  3. There you can see Frame Rate followed by Graphics.
  4. It will show you fps setting according to capability of your device.
  5. Select any one of them and click on OK button.

But in the graphics setting of PUBG & BGMI, shows Frame Rate like low, medium, high, Ultra, etc. So how will you recognize the number of fps? hence look at the below chart.

List of fps offered by PUBG:

  • Low – 20 fps
  • Medium – 25 fps
  • High – 30 fps
  • Ultra – 40 fps
  • Extreme – 60 fps
  • 90 fps – 90 fps

How do FPS works?

We will understand this with an example: Suppose you are playing at 60 FPS, then your phone refreshes your screen 60 times in just a single second. This means that you are seeing 60 different images in 1 second.

And if you are playing on 30 FPS then you will see only 30 images in 1 second so 30 FPS doesn’t get smoothness like 60 FPS and the same effect applies to 90 FPS. And this is the reason why your game is run by stucking at low FPS.

Advantages of higher FPS

It also has its disadvantages like in the game you will see everything a few seconds late. I calculated the delay between 30 fps and 60 fps, and that’s around 10 milliseconds. In such a situation, if you collide with someone with a higher FPS, then he will see you first and will fire immediately, in return you will also be firing. But he started firing first, because of this he fired more bullets than you, so you will get knocked first. So no matter how pro gamer you are, device and FPS make a difference.

what is fps in pubg
Recoil comparison

If you look close enough, you will find that 90 fps has the lowest recoil and 20 fps has the highest recoil. I don’t know why higher fps = lower recoil and lower fps = higher recoil. No matter how good your game’s sensitivity setting is, the recoil at low fps will be high in comparison to high fps.

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