VSS Full Form – What does the term VSS stand for?

vss full form

What is the full form of VSS?

1) VSS: Volume Shadow Copy Service

The full form of VSS is Volume Shadow Copy Service, which is also known as Volume Snapshot Service. This technology is available in Microsoft Windows, this allows your computer to create backup copies or snapshots of files or volume in your computer, even when that file is in use. The technology requires the use of NTFS to create and store shadow copies. VSS was first introduced in Windows XP, and shadow copies could be made on local or external versions. VSS works alone within the OS, for example starting with Windows Server 2003, it is used to make incremental backups of volumes. In Windows Server 2008, a Disk Shadow utility was added to allow scripting VSS operations.

2) VSS: Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya

The term VSS stands for Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya. VSS is a Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) type suppressed weapon or special sniper. It was developed in 1980 by tsniitochmash and manufactured by the Tula arsenal. The origin of VSS is generally considered to be the Soviet Union. But at this time, it is known all over the world, due to which it is available in PUBG and all battleground games. It fires 9x39mm subsonic cartridges (in games this is usually called 9mm ammo). It can be fired in both fully automatic and single-mode with hit damage of 41. Its damage is less than other sniper rifles. But it is fully automatic and at the same time due to the muzzle in it, there is a slight firing sound, due to which the shooter cannot be located.

Other VSS full form

Term Full FormCategory
VSSVirtual Service SwitchNetworking
VSSVisio Smart Shapes FileFile Format
VSSVideo Software SolutionSoftware
VSSValidation System SegmentSoftware
VSSVisual Staff SchedulerSoftware
VSSVisual Source SafeSoftware
VSSVolume Shadow Copy ServiceComputer
VSSVolatile Suspended SolidChemistry
VSSVariable Soft SphereElectronics
VSSVoltage Source-to-SourceElectronics
VSSVessel Schedule SiteMessaging
VSSVirtual Space SimulatorAstronomy
VSSVehicle Speed SensorAstronomy
VSSVoluntary Separation SchemeJob scheme
VSSVolunteer Separation SchemeMilitary and Defence
VSSVinovka Snaiperskaja SpetsialnayaMilitary and Defence
VSSVirtual Surround SoundComputer
VSSValue of Stochastic SolutionMaths

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