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In this article, we will know about the best VPN for PUBG Mobile lite, and will also know why there is a need to use a VPN.

2 years ago, due to some reasons, PUBG Mobile was banned in India as well as PUBG Mobile lite was also banned by the government. Without any kind of partnership from China, Krafton launched PUBG in India by naming it BattleGround Mobile India (BGMI), whose servers are located in India itself. Since that time, PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile lite still have been banned in India. Till now no lite version of BGMI has been launched so people have to play PUBG Mobile lite only. Due to the server shutdown, we have to use VPN to keep it running completely.

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Which is the best VPN to get good ping in PUBG Mobile lite

If you want to know the best VPNs for PUBG Mobile, I already have written an article about it. These VPNs can be used for PUBG Mobile global version, PUBG Mobile Korean version too.

#1) Fastest & Safer Internet

This VPN is always in the news because many big streamers recommend using it. This VPN provides a lot of good features for free as well as all its features can be unlocked by purchasing its paid plan. The app is easily available on the Google PlayStore and Apple App Store. Despite being so good, I don’t know why its rating is 3.9 on PlayStore.


This is very easy to use, just need to press the connect button then the app automatically adjusts the best server and connects to the fastest one. Meaning you do not have to manually check each and every server. It uses the modern Optimized protocol to select and connect to a fast server automatically. Due to the fast server, your ping is good in the game. This VPN claims that any website can be accessed up to 30% faster using its server.

#2) Turbo VPN – Secure VPN Proxy

This is one of the best free unlimited VPNs for Android. You can unblock any website worldwide, can access your favorite mobile game, secure your WiFi hotspot, and can protect privacy. This VPN has a lite version named Turbo VPN Lite – VPN Proxy. This is a very good tool, whose rating of 4.6 you can see on PlayStore.


Turbo VPN is also an incredible VPN for PUBG Mobile lite because recently they have added a special server for gaming. They have added the server specially for PUBG, PUBG lite, shelter, and Callduty. But unfortunately, You can not get the advantage of this for free, you need to get paid plan for it. Additionally, you can watch Netflix, Hotstar, StarMaker, Disney+, Salto, BBC iPlayer, Hulu Sport, Amazon Prime, 7Plus, and ESPN+ in the paid plan. But If you don’t want to spend money, the free version is also excellent. There you get United States’s server for free to use, which will help you to unblock all the features in PUBG Mobile lite.

#3) NordVPN: private & secure VPN

NordVPN is the world’s number 1 VPN brand and it is a Google-registered company from central America. This company specially builds VPNs for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android operating systems. That’s why it is the solution factor for PUBG Mobile lite in Android and it is also good for the iOS operating system which means iPhone.


We have to use it with this intent to make our game run completely. The VPN uses powerful encryption to provide top-level security due to which your game’s server won’t be affected by a DDoS attack. It keeps your data private that no one can identify what are you surfing on the internet. Sometimes you use public place internet but it is not secure, your data can be easily stolen, you must use this VPN there. In this app, you get a lot of servers, you can connect where you get good speed. Using this, you can protect 6 devices with a single account. It contains an auto-connect feature for effortless protection.

#4) Thunder VPN – Fast, Safe VPN

Thunder VPN powered by Signal Lab an Android Developer company. This VPN seems better than others because it has a 4.7 rating on the PlayStore. This VPN is free as well as its VIP plan also available. In this, you will get so much satisfaction for free that you will not feel to purchase a VIP plan. Selected servers are available for free, while it is enough for PUBG Mobile lite.


You don’t need to register or make account to use this app. The app has a well-designed user interface so that the user does not irritate by ads. Many servers are available with high-speed bandwidth for free so that you can find your fastest server yourself until your ping won’t be less. This VPN can make any source of the internet (e.g.Wi-Fi, 5G, LTE/4G, 3G, and all mobile data) private so that no one can read or access your data. The auto-select feature helps you to connect to the current time fastest server. There is no limit to this app, you can keep the VPN connection for a long time.

#5) VPN Surfshark: Unlimited Proxy

This is another professional VPN for android users. Surfshark is a specialized VPN company which creates VPN for computers and mobiles. Surfshark VPN is available for download on any App Store. It has been reviewed by 45000 people on PlayStore and it has a rating of 4.3. This app also has a paid plan but you just have to unblock your game, for that you do not need to take a paid plan.


Surfshark contains 3300+ servers worldwide over 65+ country to unblock your favorite websites and apps. It encrypt your internet browsing activity that’s why no one can try to know what you are surfing. VPN changes your IP address so that no one can track you, due to which your location remains secret. When you use public WiFi, keep in mind that public WiFi does not maintain privacy, so if you want to keep your browsing private, then use a VPN.

Problems you are facing in PUBG Mobile lite

  1. Enable to login with game: On Indian server you will have difficulty to login to the game, this can be simplified by changing the server. You can login to the game from any country other than India, so you need to connect to a server in another country.
  2. High ping problem: You can feel that the ping is high in our country as compared to other countries. So the solution is to use the core country’s server so that your ping will be normal.
  3. Events don’t show up: Due to the game being banned, events are not shown in it. For this also you need to change the server.
  4. Mic glitch: You can clearly hear your teammates’ voices when you’re in the lobby of the game, but the sound disappears as soon as you enter the match. Basically this glitchy is caused by a fragile connection to the server, which can be rectified by changing to a correct country server.
  5. Resource pack can’t be downloaded: No matter how hard you try, your resource pack cannot be downloaded without changing the server, and this can be done only with the help of VPN.

There are thousands of VPNs on the internet, but there are only few of them that can be trusted blindly. I have told your 5 best VPNs which are good enough to run your game perfectly and fast. Many servers are available in these for free, you can connect whatever you want.

Even after installing VPN, you will not find the app of PUBG Mobile lite on PlayStore. To know being banned in India How to download and update PUBG Mobile lite in 2022?

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