UC Full Form – What is the meaning of UC in PUBG?

uc full form

UC full form in PUBG

uc full form

The full form of UC in PUBG is Unknown Cash. Unknown Cash means the only name of this cash is cash but it is not actual cash, and it doesn’t even exist. It is only found in the PUBG game in digital format. You can make purchases using this cash only and only in PUBG.

This is the currency used in the game PUBG. PUBG is one of the most played games in the world. The madness of this game is sitting in such a way that people spend thousands of rupees on their PUBG ID.

What do we do to make our character look good and impressive in PUBG. There are many such ways in PUBG by which you can get outfits, gun skins, car skins, and much more. And to try all these methods, UC is needed and you can direct buy from the shop, crate opening, spin, and can get a royal pass. PUBG does not give you UC for free, you have to buy it with your money.

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UC in UC Browser

uc browser full form universal control

In the name UC browser, the full form of UC is Universal Control. That means the name UC browser stands for Universal Control Browser. This is the web browser and it is developed by the Chinese Mobile Internet Company, which is a subdirectory of Alibaba Group.

On April 2004 this browser was developed only as a Java application. There was a time when this browser became the most used browser in India. But on 29th June 2020, along with this app, many Chinese apps got banned in India by the Indian government due to some security reasons.

Some other important full form of UC are mentioned below –

UCUpper CanadaCanada Province
UCUnit CellsPhysics Related
UCUnanimous ConsentUS Government
UCUnconfined Compression TestEarth Science
UCUniversity CenterUniversity
UCUnsatisfactory ConditionSpace Science
UCUnary CountingMaths
UCUnion 21 CenturyOrganization
UCUlcerative colitisPhysiology
UCUtopian CultureOrganization
UCUrban CareOrganization
UCUnit CellMilitary and Defence
UCUnreal ChampionshipSports
UCUnion CouncilLocal State
UCUpendo Child-careOrganization
UCUser ContextComputing
UCUnit CostBusiness
UCUltra CompactComputing
UCUniversity of CambodiaOrganization
UCUniversal CombatMilitary and Defence
UCUltra ColorElectronics
UCUnreal CompileComputer Assembly Language
UCUniversity of CaliforniaHuman Genome
UCUpper CaseSoftwares
UCUser ConsultantJob Title
UCUtility ClerkJob Title
UCUnix ConsultantJob Title
UCUrgi CenterHealthcare
UCUniversity of ChicagoUniversity
UCUnion Caucasus 2006Organization
UCUniversity of ColoradoUniversity
UCUhuru ConcessionsOrganization
UCUnique ConfigurationComputer Hardware
UCUniversal CenturyBusiness Firm
UCUnited ClubOrganization
UCUnder ConstructionTransportation
UCUbiquitous ComputingComputing
ucUndesirable CustomerBanking
UCUbehebe CraterEarth Science
UCUltimate CharizardFunny
UCUnion CarbideGovernment Supplier
UCUncoupled ChainsMaths
UCUse CaseComputing
UCUterine ContractionsPhysiology
UCUniversity of CincinnatiUniversity
UCUntil ChangedMilitary
UCUniversity CollegeUniversity
UCUnder ControlMilitary and Defence
UCUpon CompletionUS Government
UCUbiquitous ConnectivityNetworking

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