How to turn on and off Game Mode in Windows 11?

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A computer can be used for many different purposes. Nowadays computer gaming is going on in full swing. Keeping in view the demand of the people, Microsoft company has added a Game Mode in their operating system’s latest version means Windows 11. But this mode gets turned on by default in your computer due to some reasons. Due to this, there is no objection in your computer, but there may be a degradation in the performance of the computer. This is just a temporary problem which can be closed very easily, let’s know how.

What is Game Mode?

Game Mode is a mode that gives first priority to any gaming-related process in your system. Enabling it boosts your gaming performance on your computer and tries to keep the game running smoothly. When this mode is turned on in your system, it temporarily blocks various processes like popups, system updates, permission messages like restarting computer etc.

If you forget to turn off the game mode after playing game, then there is no harm to your computer and its performance. This can be happen on very few occasions, then it becomes necessary to turn it off from Settings. However, if you do not do anything other than play games on the computer, then you can leave it running. Many people keeps their game mode always on because they don’t feel much difference.

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How to shut Game Mode in Windows 11?

game mode in windows 11

1. You have to open the Settings of your Windows. You can access Windows Settings either by pressing the Start button and then clicking on the Settings icon or you can go by searching Settings in the taskbar or right click on Start button then select settings from the list of menus.

2. It will show the Settings list, there you have to click on “Gaming” then select the “Game Mode.”

game mode in windows 11

3. Now check whether the Game Mode is On, if yes then switch “Game Mode” to “Off“.

You have closed, now you can do anything else on the computer leisurely. Now if you want to play the game again, to turn on the Game Mode, go to Settings >> Gaming and turn On the Game Mode.

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