How to Decide Great Domain Name for your Business?

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When you are going to start a business online the most important thing to be remembered for customers is the good domain name. If you are online marketer then the domain name is important than the business name.
Maximum people remember domain name, not the name of the business. Domain name is the identity of your business. Therefore you should make it able to remember.
Selecting the domain name of your business is as important as the naming of your newborn child. Your online business will be known by that name for a lifetime.
There are many rules to selecting the good domain name for your blog. Here I have written a similar purpose post. You have to follow the list of rules to find the best domain name for your blog. By following the rules you can get the perfect domain name which will match with your business. 
When you create the new blog, you have many more options in term of domain name such as .io, .tk, .photo, .buzz, .net, .guru, .mob, .co and so on.
It depends on the type of your business, you have to select the domain name which will be best for your business. You have to become creative and can use rather than
Before starting the forward actions, you need to grab the name by which you want to be known.
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When you want to select the name of the company, you need to keep your brand in mind. Your domain name should be matched with your brand, you need not the only name, you need to be a smart and memorable name.
If your company name is something like Imaginer Info Ltd. You can select,

Domain Name

If you are a new blogger and looking for starting the new blog, you may know about the domain name. Select the domain name is maybe the confusing task for you. First of all, try to grab the .com domain for your blog, and if the .com domain is not available for you, can choose the new gTLD domains such as .guru, .co, .photo, and so on. You can select the domain as per your choice, but first, try maybe grab the .com domain.

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Easy to Remember

Now, remember your childhood or your school days, if you had found any hard word what was you done to remember those words? How trouble you had to remember the hard words.
Now you can take the example of my domain- technicalrazz. How simple is that.
You need a name which will be easy to type and easy to remember.

Keywords and Name

Now you have to select at least 10-15 keywords related to your niche and select 5 any popular words. You can get help from Godaddy domain name generator to check the availability of your considered domain names.
You can also use popular tools like Namemesh and so on. These tools customize your given keyword and give a big list of available domain names.

Copyright Infringement

Before choosing the new domain, make sure you are not the infringement of any brands and products. For example, the ‘blogger’ will not give you permission to have the domain name with ‘blogger’ using in that domain. If you are interested in adding the blogger in your domain, you should use ‘bl’ as a blogger.
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Avoid Hyphens

If you are interested to create a blog focused on a niche, and looking for the keyword rich domain, this is the best to stay away from domain names with a hyphen in it.
Some years ago it is very easy to rank if you have hyphens in your domain name, but this is not strong for a long time. If you want to rank with a domain having the hyphen, it is not strongly easy. This is the best way to go for the alternative domain which has not hyphened.
Maximum people advise you to use the domain which is related to your niche. This is not good advice for bloggers who want are using words like tech and blog in their domain.
There are millions of blogs are already available having these words in their domain therefore here your chances are minimum to rank with. 
Final Words: 
If you found some issue to deciding the best domain name for your blog, feel free to inform me your problem by the comment. I have written some post like this domain name post.
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