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Hey, today I was downloading some important files. While downloading one of them, the downloading process stopped automatically in Google Chrome. There it was written that “This file is Dangerous Chrome has blocked it”. I have fixed it and I have downloaded the file, which was blocked by Chrome while downloading. So I want to tell you that how I did it successfully.

First of all you need to know why did it happen? Whenever you download any file, you do not know whether that file is good for your computer or bad. But files that can prove to be fatal to your computer’s security, Chrome prevents such files from entering your computer. Google Chrome and other browsers recognize files that are harmful to your computer. Most of browsers, the file is an unknown file or is being downloaded from an unknown source, it proves to be directly harmful. For this reason, Chrome blocks the download process. Let see how you can rid of this issue as below –

How to fix this file is dangerous chrome has blocked it?

Here is the only way to download the Harmful file, by following which you will be able to download any type of file. I guarantee you this. You need to follow some steps to fix this issue which occurs in chrome browser –

Step 1 – Click on (three dotted button) at the top right corner of the Google Chrome.

chrome has blocked it

Step 2 – Now go to Setting >> Privacy and security >> Security. (Also you can go that setting directly by searching chrome://settings/security in the search bar of Chrome.)

  • There you will see three options Enhance protection, Standard protection and No protection.
chrome has blocked it

Step 3 – To stop download blocking, click on No protection option.

Step 4 – It will open a new pop-up window, click on the Turn off button there.

By doing this you will definitely get rid of this issue and I hope you will download your file successfully. Even after doing this, the download will fail because now your antivirus will block the download process. While trying to download by applying the No protection option, now it will show you the “Failed – Virus detected” message as I have shown in the image.

This is not so big a deal to fix this issue. You can easily download your file by turning off Real-time protection and Cloud-delivered protection. You can find these two settings in the Control Panel of your computer. Let see how to make it happen below –

Step 1 – First of all you need to click on button.

Step 2 – Now you need to click on the button.

Step 3 – Go to Update & Security >> Windows Security >> Virus & threat protection.

Step 4 – Click on Manage settings link under Virus & threat protection settings.

Step 5 – Turn off Real-time protection and Cloud-delivered protection.

Now go back to the Google Chrome and download the file again. You will see the file has been downloaded successfully.

Note – After your file is downloaded, all settings need to be done as they were. As you have chosen the option of No protection in Chrome, you will have to do standard protection. And the Real-time protection and Cloud-delivered protection will have to be turned on again so that your computer remains safe.

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This is the correct way to download the file which has blocked by chrome. Nothing happens by just shutting down the protection of Chrome, the antivirus protection in the computer also has to be shut down. And I have told you the process of both settings.

I hope this article will help you to get rid of Chrome has blocked it problem. If you like this type of article, come again and again on our blog and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Thanks for reading.

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