The 4 Best Android Games of 2018

I have found some best racing and adventure games list for your Android phone, so I am gonna tell you about that. Many more people like the racing game some peoples may be getting boar with play the old games but don’t worry. 
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Now we have rounded some most popular racing games and that you can play in your Android smartphone and it is easily available in your to google play store so if you are finding the best racing games for you. 
If you like the game that is mentioned in our list you should select for you and due to our policy, we always provide you the best from other so let’s get started.

1. PUBG – Player Unknown Battle Ground 

This is the award-winning game of 2018. PUBG found as the top game of 2018. It is in trending now. This is the game, which plays online. No game like PUBG published yet for Android. While playing the game we feel very different. The game has a too good graphic.
Friends the whole world is trapped by this game. Every third or fourth person is playing this game. Everybody has a smartphone this is the plus point of PUBG. It is a totally free game.  

2. Asphalt 9: Legends 

Asphalt 9: Legends is the very popular and latest entire game and with that available in google play store. It skips all the boundaries of popularness in the gaming industry. It is a very handy and high action game, with the safe controlled when you start to play this game you experience the real racing. players can work their way through the career mode to unlock new rides you can race against eight car races that are online opponents.
“Touch Drive” control will default selected. which will allow you to focus and shifting lanes to hit specific jumps and help to keep the specific route and it will very helpful for you too, drifting and using nitro while then the game it self-handles your acceleration and steering with that. It has incredible graphics direction. so we will suggest you try these games.

3. Riptide GP: Renegade 


Riptide GP: Renegade it is also the one of the latest and greatest game. mainly it is the futuristic jet ski racing franchise game on Android you will very enjoy to run a quick race or fight with online opponents. The game graphics are top notch, with water and blue effects, give to game the good sense of speed.
Default its use tilt steering to control your hydro jet, It is default select the career mode on it and you have played further to get featured in that and it is at noted, its provisions to you real challenge then other racing games to handle its graphics and gameplay you most have a pretty good phone. It is very enjoyable it NVIDIA shield tablet and Android tv box So, I recommend to you for trying this game. 

4. Real Racing 3 

The Real Racing 3 game is very excellent game may be its showing age a little bit, but trust me it is very handy and very excellent to play so that’s why it is the most unique game in the gaming world. It is totally free to play, driving sim, the main thing in that game is the vehicle wheels the vehicle is very good to see and with that, It feels us like real driving. 
You take the wheel of a host of a real-world car as you drive around gorgeously rendered real-world racetracks. It has main two modes Numerous game modes in that you found time trials and standard races with the second is Multiplayer mode, it offers the challenges to the player, with updates it continuously adding the new Content like new cars and racing events. So the game waits for your try.
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Wrapping Up:
I like these all games in the above post. I have written this post as per my choice.
Everybody has a different choice. You may like some other games and somebody will be matched with my choice.
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