The Very Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid and Fix Them

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The very common SEO mistakes are done by the beginners who are new in SEO, they don’t aware of these things, they have no idea about SEO tactics.
The factors of SEO change repeatedly from time to time, what works a few years ago may not work today, therefore it is important to stay informed and educated about the latest SEO factors.
In this post, I will show you those factors which you have to follow for a better ranking.

Avoid the Following SEO Mistakes

1. You do not Use Keyword Research tools

Keyword Research is a very tricky process. Once you start doing keyword research, your interest in keyword research will grow.
  • Free SEO Tools

Some people do keyword research before starting to writing the post, some people do keyword research after writing the post and then they add the keywords in their posts.
Keyword Research is the process that should be done by you before writing the post.

I have clear this topic in my post about how to do Keyword Research.

2. Page Titles and Descriptions aren’t Unique

Having copied page title and copied description is the biggest mistake many search engines hate this but some search engines cannot find a similar page title and description.
The title of your page is like an SEO signal. The page title is a signal for the search engine as well as readers that what the is page related to.
If you fail to provide them with a title that is meaningful to both (search engines and users) you will decrease your chance of ranking high on Google and other search engines and your visitors go away from your webpage.

SEO friendly title:

·    Title should have max 60 characters
·    They should describe what the webpage is about
·    They should have included the main targeted keyword
·    They should be unique
·    They should be attractive 

Meta Description:

SEO friendly title is not one thing to remember this is another important thing to remember.
The perfect meta description can increase your click-through rate as well as your conversion rate.
The description should be unique and attractive, the main targeted keyword should be provided in the description. The description should be written between 150-160 characters.

Read this post to know more about how to write a meta description.


3. You are not active on Social Media

As you know social media is one of the best ways to promote your website.
If you are not still using social media to promote your website, this is the biggest mistake of yours.
Many popular marketers mainly use social media to promote their products so why we should not use it?
Social media is also one of the best resources for website traffic.
This is not mandatory to pause active on all social media network, you can choose the best and more popular network to promote your website.
You need to choose the network which is best for you. You need to put one eye on your competitor’s social media activities.

4. You do not Struggle to promote the post

If you are an expert in writing a valuable post, people will share your post on any social media network.
In the case of beginners, there are very low chances to share the post with people.

Therefore you will have to share your post or content by yourself or with the help of your friends.
In the beginning, you will have to give a lot of effort to share your content, if your content will be valuable and unique it will not take more time to spread.
There are many ways to promote the post but the most effective are:
·    Publish it on your social media pages
·    Share it with your friends and followers
·    Use paid ads to promote the content
·    Use LinkedIn to promote the longtime post
·    Share the content with your email list
·    Use internal linking

5. You are not using Webmaster tools

Not having registered your website on Google Search Console and Bing webmaster tool is like driving with closed eyes.
Google and Bing both have created incredible webmaster tools, which helps the owner to find out more about their web properties.
Many people feel bored when open any webmaster tools, I don’t know, what is the reason. Many people ignore the webmaster tool because they think it is complicated to run.
There are many benefits to gain while using the webmaster tool. Read the following Google Search Console post-

6. You are not following a constant publishing schedule

It doesn’t matter if you publish a post daily or every other day or once a week. It is important to maintain the regularity to publish the content.
You need to plan the schedule to publish the new content on your website, no matter what.
Constant Publishing the schedule does have SEO value, it helps to gain more traffic.

7. Your content is not high quality

Authority and trust are the latest things that are in trend in SEO.

Now your aim should be trust between your website and users and authority between your website and search engine.
If you want to increase your website’s authority, you have to publish high-quality content.
It would be your one of the huge SEO mistakes to didn’t concentrate on content quality.
If you are publishing many posts time to time but there is no trust and quality in your post, it is like drive the car with closed eyes.
How to write SEO friendly post – read this post to get an idea about writing a high-quality post.

8. You are not following Internal linking tactics

Here are two very important reasons to link your webpages with each other
1)    You help search engine to find more pages on your website
2)    You help users to find more related posts about current webpages
Many people don’t link the webpages with each other, they think the tactics for internal linking is the waste of time only but they don’t know internal linking is very important for the SEO of your website.
Internal linking is one of the practices which come first while publishing the post.

9. You are using high traffic keywords only

The first thing which many SEO experts do for better SEO optimization of a website is Keyword research.
They spend time for finding the high-volume keyword-only they think they will get more traffic using this keyword but this is the mistake.
Remember this high volume keywords have high competition if you started now, for now, you will never rank for those keywords.
Many expert people are already ranking on those keywords, they are well known about the strategy of ranking, therefore, you should not go for those keywords.

10. You do not use image SEO optimization

Images make your post more interesting and attractive, and it makes your post beautiful while sharing on social media and also help to attract more users.
Common image SEO mistakes as follows-
·    You use too large-sized images – this is the mistake that makes your website’s loading speed slower especially on mobile devices.
·    You use too many images – as you can see every new person try to make the post attractive therefore they use too many images but this can make your website’s speed slower.
·    You do not use ALT text – ALT text helps search images to understand what this image is about.
Here is the specialized post for Image SEO optimization, read this post carefully for a better understanding of image SEO.
These are the common SEO mistakes and maximum people have done it. In the case of beginners, the minimum amount of marketers are able to correct it.
If you need a good transformation in your website traffic, you have to avoid all the above mistakes. After some days you will see a better result in your SERP.

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