How to Change the Footer Credit of Any Blogger Template?

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Hey, have you ever used the free templates on your Blogger blog, then you must have seen a copyright credit at the footer of the template, which can not be changed. In this article, I will tell you the ways by using which you will come to know how you can remove copyright credit from a Blogger template.

Therefore you can not remove it directly. So I have a technique by which you can remove as well as you can change the copyright credit of some of the Blogger themes. I want to make it clear that this technique does not work on every theme.

Why you are not able to remove copyright credit from a template?

It doesn’t matter whether you start a blog on Blogger or WordPress, probably the first step you follow is to change the template of your blog. You may have noticed, templates can be changed on the blog but you can not change the copyright credit of those templates. If you tamper with it even a little, then your website starts misbehaving like maybe it keeps continuously redirecting or maybe it redirects to any other website.

Actually what is happening here is you use a free version of a paid template. And you know, you have to buy these better-looking themes. The important thing is that in order for your website to look professional, the footer of your website should look clean, and there should only be mention of your website.

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Software required to change copyright from Blogger theme

1. Malzilla application software

The first thing you need to change the copyright credit of the blogger theme is the Malzilla application software. This is the software by using it you can unencrypt the code which is encrypted by the high version of coding.

Click here to download the software – Malzilla

Step 1 – Click on the above link and download the folder. (It will download a Zip file.)

how to remove copyright from blogger theme

Step 2 – Go to the location where your folder has been downloaded, right-click on the Zip file and click on the “Extract here” button. (It will automatically generate the folder with the name malzilla_1.2.0.)

how to remove copyright from blogger template

Step 3 – Now open the same application file as I have shown in the image. If it is showing “malzilla.exe – Ordinal not found”, don’t worry click on the “Ok” button. As you can see the software has opened.

2. Bracket code editor

The bracket code editor is the second need for you. You can also manage the encrypted code directly in the Blogger theme editor. But I recommend you to use this software. You will feel secure while editing the encrypt of the code, only if you are using Bracket software. Because as you know, if there is a slight change in that code, your website will behave strangely.

Download the latest version of Bracket code editor software by searching it on Search Engine. Now you are ready to go ahead. To remove the copyright from the Blogger theme follow the steps below –

How to remove the copyright from the Blogger template?

Method 1: By unencrypting the code

I have divided this tutorial into two parts. In the first part, I have mentioned how you can unencrypt the code using Malzilla software. And In the second part, I have added the method of how to paste unencrypted code to your theme.

How to unencrypt the code using Malzilla?

1. Open the theme folder that you have applied to your blog and search for the .xml file of the theme.
2. Right-click on the .xml file and go to Open with >> Bracket. (I mean open the XML file in Bracket software.)
3. Now is the time to find the encrypted code. To find that press the Ctrl+F button in Bracket software. (Search bar will open.)
4. Type x65 in the search bar and heat the Enter button.

how to remove copyright from blogger theme

5. Select and copy the whole code from var to //]]> this code as shown in the image. (Don’t close the bracket window, Just minimize it only.)
6. Open the Malzilla software from the extracted folder.
7. After opening click on the “Decoder” button.
8. Now paste the copied encrypted code in the above empty space as shown in the image.
9. Click on the “Run Script” button. (It will open the new pop-up window which includes three links)
10. Click on the first link in the newly opened pop-up window. (After clicking on the link you will see, that it generates the new code below the empty box of the application.)
11. Now copy the newly generated code below, and replace the old code with the new one in the upper field.
12. Repeat this process twice to get finalized code

You have successfully unencrypted the code. Now you have to make it readable, hence you have to go to Beautifier. This tool is used to make the code readable. To go ahead follow the steps:

Make the code readable using

1. Go to the tool and select beautify the Javascript option.
2. Paste your copied code there and click on the “Beautify Code” button to make the code readable. You can see many links in the code.
3. Replace all links and names with your website’s link and names.

Note – Just change the name and URL only, leave the rest of the code as-is. Its result will be your website will misbehave.

How to paste the code into the Blogger theme?

1. After changing names and links. Click on the “Select all” button and then click on the “Copy to clipboard” button.
2. Now go to the Bracket where you had opened the theme’s XML file and replace that code with beautified code. 

After all this process your theme is ready to apply to your blog with your name, your link, and your copyright credit.

3. Copy the whole theme code from Bracket software.
4. Go to Blogger dashboard >> Theme
5. Click on the three-dotted button and click on the HTML editor
6. Select the whole HTML code by pressing Ctrl+A and replace it with copied code.
7. Finally click on the “Save theme” button.

Note: This is a short trick to change a footer credit of the template. Remember that the trick is not working on all types of templates. It can work on maximum templates but it will not be able to change all types of templates.

Method 2 – By replacing the code

This is the second and ultimate method. Here you do not need any third-party application or software, you just only need the HTML editor of your Blogger blog. Let’s see how did I make it happen –

Step 1 – Read the first word in the copyright credit of your theme footer.

Step 2 – Search that word in the Theme Editor of your blog by pressing Ctrl + F keys together.

Step 3 – Replace that code with the below code, which is between <div> and </div>.

<p style = ‘text-align: left;’> Copyright (c) 2020 <a href=’’> sitename </a> All Right Reserved </p>
<div class = ‘ty-copy-container row’ style = ‘font-size: 1px; opacity: 0; ‘/>

how to remove copyright from blogger theme
how to remove copyright from blogger template

Step 4 – Replace the link with your blog’s link and replace the Sitename with your blog’s name.

Step 5 – Now Search the below words one by one in the search bar by using Ctrl+F.

  • jquery
how to remove copyright from blogger theme

Step 6 – Delete the whole code line as I have shown in the image. This code is not the same in each and every theme, hence you need to guess it correctly.

Step 7 – After the entire process, save your theme by clicking pressing “Save” button.

Here you go, copyright credit of your theme has been changed successfully. I want to tell you that, I have mentioned the two words above. You must need to search them one by one and delete the whole line of code which includes one of the words. after deleting that, if your blog will misbehave, undo that code or line as it was.

This video has been originally uploaded on Tanveer Circle Youtube channel. You can watch this video as part of a reference.


Both methods are very classic but the second is the more effective to remove copyright from a blogger theme. You just need to remove the code that I have mentioned above. I recommend you to use the second method, there is no need to download any third-party app or software. So I hope this article will help to remove and change the copyright from your Blogger blog.

If you like this article don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. To know more about blogging tricks, keep coming to our blog.

Thanks for reading.

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