Payal Gaming PUBG ID & BGMI ID, real name, age, setup, and more

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Channel namePayal Gaming
Created onMarch 2019
Real namePayal Dhare
Age20 years (on 2021)
BGMI ID5120321397
In-game nameS8uLPaYal
Clan nameS8uL Official

A few months ago, when PUBG was banned in India, BGMI was launched in its place. There was no loss to it, but the streamers who used to play PUBG earlier had to transfer their account to BGMI. This made it difficult for their fans to find their favorite streamer IDs created in the BGMI of their favorite streamers. That’s why in this article, I will tell you about one of the public’s favorite Payal Gaming, like her PUBG and BGMI ID, real-life name, current clan.

Payal Dhare is one of the few girl gamers in India and she is more popular than others. In 2021 Payal is about 20 years old. Currently, Payal Gaming has more than 16 lakh subscribers on YouTube. And being a beautiful girl, she has a lot of followers also on social media, where she keeps uploading short videos of her gameplay and her lifestyle.

Payal Gaming PUBG/BGMI ID

Payal Gaming is the YouTube channel name of Payal Dhare. She is the most popular girl gamer in India that’s why people always want to know about herself. As we know, BGMI has come to India instead of PUBG. Due to this Payal has transferred her PUBG account to BGMI. Her BGMI ID is 5120321397 and her in-game name is S8uLPaYal. Recently, she has joined SouL eSports, earlier her name in the game was Payal Gaming.

Let’s know other facts about Payal Gaming: Payal Gaming is currently one of the most trending channels in the gaming world in India. Like others, Payal doesn’t just play PUBG on her channel, she also plays other games like GTA V, Call of Duty, Fall Guy, and also vlogs as well.

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