6 On Page SEO Tips and Tricks For Blogger Blog 2020

6 On Page SEO Tips For Blogger
Every Blogger knows the importance of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) in their blog.
You can do On-page optimization with the help of SEO companies like SEMrush, Ahref and Moz etc.
Your blog will not index in Search Engine without proper blog optimization. This is becoming too important to think to improve knowledge about it.
If you will have knowledge of it then you will be able to attract the traffic toward your blog. This is the dream of every blogger.
I have some tips that can help you to improve your visibility in search engine. These tips are On-Page SEO tips.
I have already written the articles about it but today I am going to combine that all articles in this single article.
I have written and writing the article for SEO of blogs on blogger. If you have read that article then skip this article but newbie bloggers can read it.
If you have missed something in that post then also read this article. Maybe you got new ideas or new learning.
On Page SEO

On-Page SEO Tips for blogger

These Tips are so simple. I am promising you that If you followed this tips that it will result to improve your blog’s traffic. So you have to read it carefully and then try it on your blog. Its result will not show suddenly. It will take some time to show a good result.
Righting the articles with tips will make your articles search engine friendly.

1. Custom Robots Header Tags

This is the setting for blogger. You can do this setting by yourself. It is not a difficult one. You do not have to pay any charge for it. It helps to make the blog more SEO friendly. You have not to do this setting in every post of your blog. You can do this setting for only on your blog settings. Read this tutorial to setup custom robots header tags for your blog.  

2. Custom Robots.txt

If you have known about search engines then you have the idea about search engine robots. How they work? They are working on collecting the information from your blog and index it on search result pages. You have to set this setting by which they got the path to crawl your blog. You can close indexing some wrong articles from your blog. Read this tutorial article to install custom robots.txt file on your blog.  

3. Optimize Blog Post Titles

If you have started your blog earlier then you have no idea about a good title for your blog post. To have the proper title is the part of blog optimization. Your targeted keyword must be part of your post title. Go ahead and do this for good results. You will see the good results. Read this tutorial

4. Image SEO Optimization

Every professional blogger uses the very good looking images between their every post or article. This is not must to use the image between your post because of this is the part of post-optimization you must use the image between your every post. Images should not be unusual, readers can get the idea about your article after observing your post’s image.
Read the tutorial to Image SEO Optimization

5. Internal Linking SEO

If you are a blogger or you are interested to read another blog then you could get the idea what am I talking about? Internal linking is also a part of post optimization. So many new bloggers are not using internal linking. They have not idea what a big mistake is that? Really it’s a big mistake you can set the internal links in every post from your blog. This is the too important thing for SEO.
If your article has proper internal linking, some readers come to read the article they find the new article link in your article then they go ahead at that article. This is the other benefit of internal linking.
Benefits of Internal Linking in SEO

6. Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console

You have heard about sitemap. The sitemap is nothing other than the map of your blog. Every blog has the sitemap. The sitemap is the HTML code. You have to submit it in Search Engine. Google Search Console is the platform where we can submit our sitemap. After this action, your blog will index in Google. We can verify our blog’s ownership.  
Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Search Console
Final Words:
This On page SEO tips is for blogs from blogger. In this post, I have shared the tips that can help you to grow your traffic.
I will try to share some advanced tips and trick about blogging and SEO in future. So please follow us by email.
If this article will help you to improve your knowledge about blogging and SEO then please share it with someone.

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