MSRTC Full Form – What does the term MSRTC mean?

What is the full form of MSRTC?

The full form of MSRTC is Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (In Hindi – महाराष्ट्र राज्य सड़क परिवहन निगम). It is a transport agency that has been established under the provision in Section 3 of the RTC Act 1950 by the State Government of Maharashtra to travel only on the road of the state of Maharashtra. It is also commonly known by the local people as Mahamandal (महामंडळ) and MSRTC buses are also known as Red Angel (लाल परी) and in short ST (which means State Transport).


On 1 June 1948, the first MSRTC bus ran from Pune city to Ahmednagar. At that time the state of Maharashtra was not formed, then the entire land made up of Gujarat, Mumbai city, and Maharashtra was called Bombay state, hence the name of the road transport corporation was Bombay State Road Transport Corporation. When the first Asian Games were held in India in 1951, green buses were used for import-export of the competitors, now those buses (Asiad buses) are working normally under MSRTC.

Features of MSRTC

  • Most of the land in Maharashtra is covered by villages, MSRTC is the biggest contributor in providing migration from these villages to cities.
  • You do not need to book tickets in advance to board the MSRTC buses, after entering the bus, the bus conductor gives you the ticket.
  • Not only do people migrate in MSRTC buses, postal mails going to villages, newspapers are also imported and exported through it.
  • Due to the availability of multiple buses to the same destination, uncongested travel is available.
  • Children traveling in MSRTC buses and citizens above 65 years of age get almost half the discount on ticket payment.
  • As per people requirement MSRTC has different kind of buses as follows:
    • Ashwamedh bus
    • Shivneri bus
    • Vithai bus
    • Shivai Electric bus
    • Bhimashankar bus
    • Shivshahi bus
    • Hirkani bus
    • Yashwanti bus
    • Asiad bus
    • Lal Pari bus

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