How to Make Blog SEO Friendly in Blogger?

Hello and Welcome to TechnicalRazz. Today we are talking about how to make blog SEO friendly
I am sharing some blogger settings which helps to increase the SEO score of your website or blog. Also helps to find your blog on the search engine.
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Also, these things help your blog to rank on search engine. If you placed successfully these settings in your website or blog then it will show the good results.
seo friendly
These are very simple to set in blogger. It is very easy to do. It is part of SEO friendly.
Kindly you may hear about Meta tags. The meta tag plays a very important role to rank your blog. It also helps to increase your blog traffic. If your blog is ranking then obviously your blog’s traffic will increase.
Blogger is a product of Google so it has given us a section of meta tag in the blogger Setting. Everyone should do these settings.
The following list of settings which you have to set.
  • Description Meta Tags
  • Custom 404 Page massage
  • Custom Redirects  


1. Description Meta Tags

Description meta tags are the type of meta tag which is very important for your websites. As shown in the screenshot this type of description is known as description meta tags.
It is short but very powerful tactic. The search engine can detect it very easily. Blogger has given this option, especially for ranking.

#How to place Description Meta Tag in blogger?

Step 1: Login to your blogger account
Step 2: Now open setting (situated in the left side menu)

seo friendly


Step 3: Go to the search preferences 
Now you can see the Meta tags option at the top of the page as shown in the image.
Step 4: Click the Edit option in Description

seo friendly


Step 5: Place here the information about your blog
This description is must be related to your blog. You may write this very genuinely. You can only place here your categories also. But I suggest you write this in the deep description. Because people/traffic can see it so it should look attractive.
Note: This description is very important. Search engine crawlers crawl it before crawling another content from the blog.


2. Custom 404 massage

This is the most important part of SEO. This help to increase the permanent traffic of your website. Because in this script we have given our another post or blogs links.
seo friendly
If you want to give the path to return to the previous page then place this script in the empty text box of custom 404 messages.
<a href=javascript:history.go(-1)”>Return to previous page</a>
seo friendly
If you want to place the other link then place this code with correction
<a href=your URL here”>text which you want to make anchor</a>
So it helps to keep your visitor continually present on our blog or website. You can place here a script in 10k characters below. You can add here only characters.
Means that Example: “Sorry Network Error” this types of massages. 


3. Custom Redirects

This is also an important setting for keeping your blog SEO friendly. You can see only professional bloggers have done this type of settings.
When your blog is not available or any network problem or any technical problem occurred then this setting help your blog to redirect on any other page which you have set. 
If your blog has some link which are changing URLs then you can set this setting in your blog.
Suppose you have some regular readers. They have observed your whole blog. They know all corners of your blog.
In this condition you changed an URL from old to new then they cannot get it easily.
Here you can use this setting to keep continue linking on your blog.

Here are two links we can keep. First is From and second is To link. From link is always your blog link and to is also your blog link.
seo friendly
You can see two empty text boxes in front of both texts. We have to type there /broken link in the first text box and /new link in the second text box. 
These are some basic setting of a blog which helps to rank your blog in search engine.

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