LOL Full Form – What does lol meaning while chatting?

lol full form

What is the full form of LOL?

The full form of the term LOL is Laugh of loudly, which means laughing loudly. It is one of the most used acronyms on the internet while messaging or chatting. Nowadays people are turning toward using it in their daily conversation. We can use it to express extreme laughing and opposing when we find something extremely funny and opposite. Also, we get to see it in viral funny videos, short videos, gaming videos, and memes on social media and YouTube.

In this digital era, we are getting more closer to internet things such as social media, chatting apps, messenger, and so on. Nowadays we are very active on social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and etc. There you make new friends every day, so you use messaging, chatting to talk to them.

In order to send the message quickly, we write some phrases by shrinking them. While doing this, we have found such acronyms WTF, LOL, OMG. Which are used only and only for instant messaging. We have found that in comparison to boys, girls often use more acronyms while chatting and conversing.

When to use LOL?

Basically these types of all acronyms used in messaging and chatting on the Internet. When someone told you something very funny by texting, and if you want to show that you are laughing very loudly, you can use this there.

Monu – Hey, Sonu
Sonu – Hello brother
Monu – I want to tell you a funny incident
Sonu – Hmmm… tell me
Monu – Yesterday I got kicked by a donkey
Sonu – What?… LOL

In order to send the message more quickly than an acronym, you can use emojis instead. To express you are laughing loudly, you can use 😂 and 🤣 these two emojis.

Some other full form of LOL

LOLLaughing Out Loud
LOLLots of Love
LOLLeague of Legends

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