How to link Google Analytics with Search Console?

Hello and welcome to technicalrazz, today I am telling the method by which you can link your Google Analytics with your Google Search Console.
google analytics
Google Analytics and Google Search Console both give similar information. But there is some information which is not similar in both.
·         Submit sitemap to Google Search Console
Google Analytics is especially for measuring the number of visitors to your website. How many visitors are on your website at a time, how they find your website, how many time they stay on your website, where your visitors are coming from this all information comes under Google Analytics.
Google Search Console is especially for measuring your website visibility. It conducts your ranked keywords, ranked pages, robot.txt, sitemaps. Google Search Console shows how your website visible on search engine. If any problem on your website it will inform by it.
In short, it measures your internal information. We tell both give the same information but they do not give the same information. That is not exactly the same information in both places.
To get more common information by both Google Analytics and Google Search Console, you can link your Google Analytics to Google Search Console.
Let start to linking both tools with each other-

Link Google Analytics with Google Search Console

First of all, you have to add and verify the website in Google Search Console. After that, you can create a Google Analytics account. Also fine if you didn’t. Adding the site to Search Console is mandatory.
google analytics
You have to click on the website where you want to link. Now you have to click on the setting as shown in the image. Now select the options Google Analytics Property.
After that, the new window will open. If you have already created the analytics account, fine. If you have not created the Google Analytics account, you need to create a new account of Google Analytics.
Google Analytics
It is too simple to create an account. Once you created the account it will automatically connect to your Google Search console. Click on the “Save” button.
Note: Use only one id to create both accounts. Don’t use different id. It will generate a new problem for you.
Wrapping Up:
Google Analytics is an accurate tool to understand the visitors of your website. Google Search Console is also an important tool as we know.
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