Limited UC Store in BGMI – Get about 3000 Limited UC for free

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Have you seen a very interesting new event has arrived in PUBG & BGMI, which name is Limited UC Store. If you play BGMI then you must be aware that BGMI has been witnessing a lot of good events since its launch. One of them is this event that allows you to buy some legendary outfits for free. Yes, read your absolutely right, buy from UC that too for free. Now you will say how to do that, so let me tell you in detail.

What is Limited UC Store in BGMI?

From its name you can guess that it is a store, and in fact, it is a store itself. This is a time-limited event store, which will last till 10th January 2022. In this store, you will find some very good legendary outfits and gun skins. But the prices of all these things are very high, so you will be able to buy at most one or two items with the free Limited UC from the store. Now you will ask what is the concept of Limited UC? Limited UC is a type of UC that allows you to buy outfits and gun skins for yourself only from the Limited UC store. You will get around 2700 overall Limited UC after completing the acquired mission.

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Where to get Limited UC

limited uc store in bgmi
Missions to get Limited UC

Limited UC’s missions have started from 11th November and it will run till 8th January, which means within a given date you will have to collect all the limited UC you are getting for free by doing all these missions. You will find these missions by navigating Events >> Recommended area of the BGMI.

Log in and get limited UC: It will count from the day this event starts, from the first day till 30 days are counted, you have to log in to the game every day. Because by not going to the game every day, your login may not be completed until the event is over.

  • 1st day of login – 100 Limited UC
  • 2nd day of login – 200 Limited UC
  • 5th day of login – 200 Limited UC
  • 10th day of login – 300 Limited UC
  • 20th day of login – 500 Limited UC
  • 30th day of login – 800 Limited UC

Team-Up: Complete 10 matches while in a group with friends to get 100 Limited UC. To complete this mission you can play duo, squad, duo vs squad anything you want to play only with at least one player in your friend list.
Defeat enemies: Defeat 30 enemies in Classic mode and get 100 Limited UC. Your kills will count only when you will kill enemies in the Classic mode.
Ranked Challenge: Finish in the top 10 in Classic mode 10 times to get 100 Limited UC. You can easily complete this, but I recommend you to play with your squad. Because in squad mode you can reach the top 10 earlier.
Stay online: This event is giving you 600 Limited UC just for staying online in the game for 120 minutes (2 hours). It will not give 600 UC like this, but step by step you will get Limited UC:

  • Stay online for 60 minutes – 100 Limited UC
  • Stay online for 90 minutes – 200 Limited UC
  • Stay online for 120 minutes – 300 Limited UC

Watch this video to know better

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I hope you understood this event because there is no confusion. It is a simple event to complete for. With the limited UC, you will get from this event, you can buy whatever you like from the store. I will take a Comfortable Panda Set, which one do you want to take, definitely tell by commenting.

Thanks for reading.

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