KLiC Full Form – What is the full meaning of KLiC courses?

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The full form of KLiC is Knowledge Lit Careers, actually, the full phrase is ‘Gateway to Knowledge Lit Careers‘. It is launched by Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) to prepare candidates for their industry roles. There are several courses launched by KLiC, all these courses awarded by Yashwantrao Chauhan Maharashtra Open University, and the course’s certificate is awarded by MKCL.

List of KLiC courses

Job readiness

  • KLiC IT
  • KLiC English
  • KLiC Personality Development
  • KLiC Digital Freelancing
  • KLiC Smart Teacher
  • KLiC Art Teacher


  • KLiC Tally Pime (with GST)
  • KLiC Advanced Tally
  • KLiC Advanced Excel

Digital Arts

  • KLiC AutoCAD
  • KLiC 3D Artist (Modelling)
  • KLiC 3D Artist (Texturing and Lightning)


  • KLiC DTP (Corel Draw)
  • KLiC DTP (Adobe)
  • KLiC Photoshop
  • KLiC Web Designing
  • KLiC Graphic Designing
  • KLiC Content Illustrator
  • KLiC Video Editing


  • KLiC C Programing
  • KLiC C++ Programing


  • KLiC Retail Management

Hardware & Networking

  • KLiC Hardware Support
  • KLiC Network Support
  • KLiC Security Support
  • KLiC Desktop Support

New Collar Jobs

  • KLiC loT
  • KLiC Cyber Security
  • KLiC Mobile App Development

Frequently asked questions about KLiC

1) What is the full form of KLiC?
→ The full form of KLiC is Knowledge Lit Careers.

2) What is the full form of MKCL?
→ MKCL stands for Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited.

3) What is the duration of KLiC courses?
→ Duration can vary in different courses because some courses are of 3 months and some are of 1 month.

4) What is the fees structure of KLiC courses?
→ Different courses may have different fees. The fee for any of the KLiC courses is higher for students who come under MMRDA than non-MMRDA students anywhere in the country.


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