All Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Object Crate locations in BGMI (Erangel+Livik)

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A new theme called Jujutsu Kaisen has been introduced in BGMI’s 1.8 version, along with Achievement and Season Memory missions. To complete these missions, you need to know the locations of all the super crates of Jujutsu Kaisen in BGMI.

BGMI is an Indian version, which was created separately from PUBG Global. At present, it is at the leading position in the most played games of India. If you have played PUBG for a long time, then you probably know that earlier a season used to be of 4 months. But now in PUBG and BGMI one season is only for 2 months and every new season comes with a new theme. This time there are 2 themes in the season, first there was Spiderman which is now gone and current the Jujutsu Kaisen is going on. For kind of information Jujutsu Kaisen is a Japanese animated series. Every event/theme that comes up in BGMI has an achievement mission, and this event also has.

What is Jujutsu Kaisen in BGMI?

Jujutsu Kaisen is a Japanese animated series with the theme this time has come to BGMI. You can play this theme mode in BGMI’s Erangel and Livik maps. As soon as we enter this theme mode, we get to see the characters of Jujutsu Kaisen standing anywhere on the Spawn Island. In the match, we get the Cursed Corpse Grenade, which emits sky colored flames. After thrown this grenade, a demon named Cathy takes out from the land. This demon inflicts damage, by killing it one gets gun, health kit etc. Apart from this, total 20 Cursed Object Crates are found in both maps. This is the box from which we get the Sukuna Finger. By collecting all these things we get Jujutsu Kaisen’s title. There is a progress mission involved in this, from which we get a permanent emote and if we complete the progress, we get a chance to spin, from which we can also get the character of Jujutsu Kaisen, it depends on your luck.

Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Object Crate locations in BGMI

The crates for the Jujutsu Kaisen are kept at Erangel and Livik at the BGMI. Each map has 10 mean total 20 Cursed Crates, at ten fixed locations on the both map.

Cursed Object Crate locations in Erangel map

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#1. Prison

jujutsu kaisen super crate locations prison bgmi

In Prison, the Cursed Object Crate located at the terrace of tallest building.

#2. School

In School, the Cursed Object Crate located at the swimming pool area which is in the another building of school.

#3. Military Base

The Cursed Object Crate is located under the left side stairs of the tallest tower in Military Base.

#4. Pochinki

jujutsu kaisen cursed object crate locations pochinki bgmi

At the turning point of the underground drains near Pochinki, there is 4th super crate.

#5. Ruins

There is a fifth super crate in middle of the broken wall which is on the hill in Ruins.

#6. Hospital

jujutsu kaisen cursed object crate locations hopital bgmi

6th super crate is on the balcony above the frontside entrance of the Hospital.

#7. Yasnaya Polyana

Near the dome at the roof of the only church of Yasnaya Polyana is the location of seventh super crate.

#8. Mylta Power

jujutsu kaisen super crate locations mylta power bgmi

Underneath the broken cooling tower in the Mylta Power.

#9. Quarry

jujutsu kaisen super crate locations quarry bgmi

9th Jujutsu Kaisen’s super crate is located just below the two oil tanks in the Quarry.

#10. Shooting Range

10th Jujutsu super crate is found right next to the four target boards in the shooting range.

Cursed Object Crate locations in Livik map

#1. Lumber Yard

There are heaps of wooden trunks lying in the Lumber Yard, the eleventh super crate is placed in the middle of those piles.

#2. Holdhus

The twelfth super crate is kept on the second floor of the building looks like shopping mall in Holdhus.

#3. Rose Farm

The cursed object crate is placed under the broken house in Rose Farm.

#4. Power Plant

On both sides of the Power Plant, there is a cemetery with no openings, fourteenth super crate placed on the roof of one of them.

#5. Midtstein

The fifteenth cursed object crate has been placed on the roof of Midtstein’s tallest building, which is more popularly known as the main building.

#6. Blomster

There is only one petrol pump in Blomster, somewhere in it the sixteenth Cursed Object Crate is kept.

#7. Iceborg

The seventeenth Jujutsu Super crate is kept exactly in the middle of inside a large church in Iceborg.

#8. East Port

Cement platforms have been built on the bank of the river in the East Port and that is the location of eighteenth super crate.

#9. Gronhus

The nineteenth super crate is placed on top of the first hut on the left side of the road in Gronhus.

#10. Shipyard

A large ship is standing in the Shipyard, just behind it is a cursed object crate.

Now you know all the locations of Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Object crate in BGMI, now go and open them all. There is no need to open it in the order as shown in the article, you can open any crate at any time. You will get Sukuna Finger even from the crate which someone has already opened.

What do we get on collecting all Sukuna Fingers?

Looting 20 of 20 Jujutsu Kaisen Super Crate gives us 20 Sukuna Fingers, by which we get the title i.e. C2S4 Jujutsu Sorcerer Fantasy. We get small rewards like BP coins, AGs on looting the Sukuna Finger of each place. This title is such that it can be obtained only till the end of the ongoing season i.e. C2S4. However, even after the end of the season, it will available on your BGMI account like we always have all the titles like Unique Destiny, Warhorse, and much more. It’s not such an impressive or mythic title, but it is the best one to cherish in BGMI.

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