ITUS Full Form – What is the full form ITUS?

itus full form

What is the full form of ITUS?

ITUS full form – Integrated Thermal Utility System

ITUS is a system that can be used to increase the efficiency of energy, thereby reducing the expenditure of operating all energy-dependent equipment.

Characteristics of Integrated Thermal Utility System

  • It’s a eco-friendly mechanism and optimization of process requires to get highest performance.
  • In the first step the whole process get optimized and in second step heating system is integrated.
  • this system is already in service for about 6 decades, so it was started around 1960.

ITUS – International Talent of Ultimate Student

The truth is that there is no course by this name, it is just a joke. The term ITUS is also abbreviated for the phrase ‘Iski Topi Uske Sar‘ which means makes people fool. This phrase has been used just to make a funny moment in the movie Phir Hera Pheri.

According to that movie, ITUS is a very rare course that is not made for normal people. There are very few talented people who can do this course, as it requires a very ultimate level of talent.

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