IPL live free APK – Apps to watch IPL live free without subscription

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IPL live free APK – Read this article if you want to know on which apps you can watch IPL live broadcasting for free. We have researched, get a personal experience, and then made this list.

Friends, India’s cricket festival i.e. IPL (Indian Premier League) has started. And now as the days of IPL pass, the craze will also increase. This time IPL is being played in India itself. Star Sports Network and Star Gold have been given the right to broadcast the 2022 IPL season. Many people watch IPL on TV and many watch it on mobile too. There is good news for mobile users that we have made a list of such apps on which you can watch live IPL for free, that too without a subscription.

This year 15th season of IPL is taking place and the battle is going to start on the 26th of March. There are a large number of people who like to watch IPL but everybody can’t watch it on TV. Therefore they watch IPL on their mobiles. You wonder to know that you can watch IPL for free on your mobile without getting a special subscription.

Can IPL 2022 be really watched for free?

Mobile is a great way to watch IPL. Many people take special subscriptions to watch IPL. But those who do not want to waste money watching IPL, such people can enjoy watching IPL for free on mobile.

There are many such apps on which IPL can be watched. Some of them are paid and some are free. We have made a list of genuine apps on which one can really watch IPL for free. That means yes you can watch IPL for free on mobile.

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Which are IPL live free APK?

1. Disnep+Hotstar

This is the first most and more popular than all the other apps. This is a premium app where you can additionally watch movies and web series too. This app is easily available on Google Play Store, download it from there.

How to download Disnep+Hotstar from Play Store

Step 1: First, open Google Play Store on your mobile
Step 2: Type Hotstar in the search bar, then tap on the search button
Step 3: Now tap on the Install button
Step 4: After installing create an account using your email id and mobile number.

How to watch IPL 2022 for free on Disnep+Hotstar

Disnep+Hotstar is a paid app in which you can’t watch anything until you get its subscription.

But you can get its 1-year subscription for free with the mobile recharge. Airtel, VI, and Jio have launched such plans with that you get a 1-year Disnep+Hotstar subscription at a very cheap rate. So you can do your next mobile recharge with these plans to grab Disnep+Hotstar for a year. With this, you will not only watch IPL, but you can also enjoy new and old movies for a year.

There are many such Hotstar apps available on the internet which are cracked and are completely accessible without a subscription. Meaning such a Hotstar on which IPL can be seen without spending money on it. We have never tried this, you can google it.

2. Thop TV

Thop TV is one of the most popular TV in the world. You can also watch live shows of every TV channel around the world and sports matches from any corner of the world on this. It includes 3000+ HD channels Worldwide and millions of TV serials

Along with this, we can also watch IPL 2022 live on Thop TV for free. If you want to watch IPL free on your mobile then Thop TV will prove to be very good for you.

How to download Thop TV APK to watch live IPL for free

1) First of all open browser on your mobile
2) Search Thop TV APK download on the browser
3) Tap on the link to go to any website
4) There will be a download option on the website, tap on it
5) After the APK is completely downloaded, install it on your mobile.

As you can see Thop TV is not available on Play Store to download because It doesn’t follow Google’s policy and works against copyright rules. So we cannot say to what extent this app is safe for you.

How to watch IPL for free on Thop TV

Thop TV’s interface is quite simple than other apps. Once you open the Thop TV APK, the thumbnail of the ongoing match appears there, click on it. After that choose the right server on which the match will be going well. Thop TV is one of those apps where you can watch IPL live for free without a subscription.

3. Cricbuzz

If you are a cricket fanatic who is interested in knowing about every single ongoing match of cricket, then you must have known about this app. Because this app is much popular for cricket.

Since IPL is also a cricket tournament, it is obvious that it will be available to watch on this app. Yes friends, on this app we can watch all the matches of IPL as well as any other cricket tournament can also be seen. If you want to see only score statistics on your home screen or notification bar, then that feature is also present in this app.

How to download the Cricbuzz app to your mobile

Cricbuzz is one of the legal apps for watching live IPL for free. It is easily available on the Play Store as well as any registered app store.

1) Open Play Store on your mobile
2) Search for Cricbuzz on the Play Store
3) You will be thrown on Cricbuz’s page, tap there on the Install button
4) After installation, you need to create your account on Cricbuzz

After creating an account on Cricbuzz you are able to watch IPL for free. Cricbuzz is APK to IPL live for free. Along with live ongoing matches, you can also know the live scores, team rankings, purple and orange cap, numbers, and more.

4. Tata Play

Tata Play is an application product of Tata Sky. To watch TV serials and live TV it is the best app. If you have Tata Sky in your home then you can connect this app with that then you do not need to pay to access this app. So this is one of the apps to watch IPL live for free without a subscription.

Tata Play is such an app that is connected to the Tata Sky of your home and the channels which you have added to your Tata Sky are visible on the Tata Play app.

Where to download a free live IPL watching APK i.e. Tata Play

Tata Play is easily available on Play Store for downloading.

1) Just go and search for Tata Play on Play Store
2) Install the first app from the search result
3) After installation, open the app on your mobile
4) Agree to the terms & conditions, select the language
5) Login with Tata Play Subscriber ID or Mobile Number

After logging in successfully, you can find IPL’s channel i.e. Star Sports in Cricket Channels.

5. Jio TV

6. Airtel Xstreame

7. Telegram

8. Video Buddy

9. Oreo TV

Oreo TV is a very popular live TV watching app in India. We can watch live as well as recorded TV shows on this app. As you know, this year the Star Sports channel is going to telecast this season of IPL, and Oreo TV offers this channel to watch for free. In this way, we can watch IPL 2022 on Oreo TV for free.

How to download Oreo TV on your mobile

Earlier Oreo TV was available on the Play Store to download, but unfortunately, the app has been removed from the Play Store for violating Google’s policies.

Oreo TV is not on Play Store so what if it can be easily downloaded from any app downloading website. There is no need of creating an account to access the app, you can directly enter the app. After downloading, the app asks for an update and you can not go ahead without updating.

Watch IPL 2022 for free on Oreo TV

Something is going wrong in Oreo TV so it stucks and does not run further. Here is the solution on Oreo TV is not working. After getting this issue solved, the IPL servers will be displayed on the front page of the app. Continue to watch the match on the server that is running properly.

10. Pikashow App

Pikashow is one of the apps to watch IPL for free. Primarily Pikashow is a movie and web series downloading app, but you will be surprised to know that IPL 2022 live broadcast is being done on this app.

Most of people try different ways to watch IPL and also spend money to get paid subscriptions. But for those people who do not want to spend money but want to watch IPL on mobile, this app is very helpful for them.

How to download Pikashow APK to watch live IPL for free

You cannot download the Pikashow app from Play Store as it is not available for download on Play Store. Because this app works against Google’s policy. This app can be downloaded from the browser, let’s know step by step:

Pikashow ipl live free apk

1) Open the browser on your mobile
2) Search Pikashow APK download on the browser
3) Visit any one website
4) Download the app with the same logo as in the image
5) After the download is complete, tap on the APK file to install

This is just the download process. This app is not present on any registered app store, it can be downloaded only by searching on the browser. Now let’s know how we can watch IPL 2022 for free on the Pikashow app.

How to watch IPL for free on Pikashow

Pikashow ipl live free apk

1) Open the Pikashow app on your mobile
2) When you open this app for the first time it will show you some messages which you have to skip
3) Tap on the Live TV button in the bottom right corner
4) At the top, you will find 4 IPL servers, run them all in turn
5) Continue the server on which IPL runs properly.

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