The Best Tips and Techniques to Increase Blog Traffic 2020

If you need the best tips and techniques to increase blog traffic this is the right place for you. In this article, I am gonna show the tips and techniques for you.

Read this post carefully and implement it into your blog you will get…

  • The people who will spend time to read your blog
  • The people who will link to your blog

The people who will share your posts

What Techniques to Increase Blog Traffic?

1. Make friends and drive traffic from the Facebook group by sharing posts

Sometimes the Facebook group can be prooved the miracle for you to increase blog traffic.

Many people start the Facebook group for everything from one-time events to parties.

But that’s not subject to all the Facebook groups about to.

I can find the Facebook group for all niches from personal finance to shopping, from bodybuilding to dressing sense.

It is very simple to find the related Facebook group, simply type your niche, search and you will get hundreds or thousands of groups related to your niche. 

The simplest way to generate traffic from Facebook is to become a part of the communities.

Note – If you spam by posting your article’s link daily remember that, there are many chances to have a kicked from those groups.

You need to join some related groups, start to provide answers to people’s questions. Its effect is in increasing your level in the group.

You’re always welcome to join our Facebook group to make your connection strong with us. Here you will find from pro to noob bloggers.

2. Share your articles in Niche Slack Communities

Slack is the instant messaging apparatus for businesses and teams.

Many people are using slack free plans to build online communities.

Those types of communities called slack communities.

There are also available all niches related communities.

Looking for slack then check out these outstanding slacks SloFile or SlackList.

3. Give Answer to Increase Blog traffic with Quora

We all know about Quora. Quora is a platform that is growing day by day. 

Quora have millions of users and gaining millions of visitors from Google direct search every week.

If you are looking to drive traffic from Quora, start a genuine answer to people’s questions. In that answer, you can put your blog’s link in it.

Driving traffic from Quora is not easier.

First of all search the topic to which is your blog related to.

Suppose your blog’s niche is Personal Finance, here what will your search result looks like: 

Now you need to find the question related to your niche and having fewer answers

Answering a question that has 60 followers and only 20 answers is better than answering a question that has a hundred answers.

Don’t worry about putting your blog’s link in the beginning.

Try to answer several questions first and then after someday start to linking out your answer with blog posts.

4. Find and Post on Niche Community Sites

As like there are Slack Communities and Facebook groups in every niche, there are so many community sites to sharing your posts in every niche.

Some Examples – 

Growth Hackers – A community for growth hackers and content marketers.

Sidebar – A community for designers and developers.

HackerNews – A community for startups and entrepreneurs.

Here, you need to do only first signup and then share your blog links.

5. Make it Easy for People to Share Your Article

You are lazy even I am also lazy. Don’t take on heart, just kidding. 

If your wish is that people should share your article.

Don’t hope that the people will copy your article’s URL and then post it on Facebook or anywhere.

This is your first pleasure to make the sharing gateway more easier for them.

For that, you need to give them the option to share your blog post with just a click by adding share buttons to your site.

 6. Increase Blog Traffic from Forum

We all know about the forum is not mandatory because many new users have not any idea about the forum.

In short, the forums are not as famous as their important uses.

The forum is like a secret society. It has thousands of active users who come back daily on the forum to check what’s new. Like a secret society, they work inside.

You can drive thousands of users or readers to your blog from Forum.

To find a forum, simply you need to search “your niche” + “forum” on google.

After covering the finding process, you will get a suitable forum. you need to write some content on it.

There are some rules with forums –

If you are trying to promote your blog too much, you get banned hehe.

If you want to promote your blog you need to build some respect in the community. Sharing a blogpost link once in a day is good for avoiding getting banned.

You need to write a summary of your blog post on the forum and then link some anchor with your article. anchor example – “Read the full article here”.

7. Turn Your Posts Into Videos To Reach People on YouTube

Most bloggers disregard their blog posts following up to 14 days of writing them.

This is a misuse of substance that might have gotten you the most traffic.

Rather than writing another post each time you need to get more traffic, you ought to rather repurpose your blog posts into different organizations, for example, video and audio.

The motivation behind why I like this technique is that it requires some investment and opens the entryway to an entirely different audience for your blog.

In the event that you watch the recordings, Siege Media is distributing on their YouTube channel and afterward contrast them with the going with blog posts, you will see that there isn’t a lot of distinction in the substance.

In the event that you are camera bashful, you can likewise transform your blog posts into audio organize and upload them as a web recording scene on SoundCloud or Apple iTunes Podcasts.

 8. Thousands of Backlinks and Shares by Turning Your Blog Post Into Infographics

“Infographics are dead.”

In the event that you are dynamic in the SEO community, you will hear it constantly.

Also, truly, crappy infographics that don’t offer any esteem are dead.

In the event that you are spending money or time making an infographic that has just been done in your industry, at that point you are essentially squandering assets.

When infographics were a pattern, individuals overdid them so much that their rate of profitability began to subside.

In any case, there’s still an expectation

On the off chance that you do it right, you can get many backlinks and a large number of shares.

On the off chance that you need your infographic to work, make it significant, and include a ton of information sources that you can request an offer. Also, generally significant of all, make an infographic on a subject/angle nobody has done previously.

 9. Don’t Forget to Use Reddit to Increase Blog Traffic

Most bloggers don’t use Reddit to increase blog traffic. I don’t know why. 

But the reason maybe it is difficult to use.

If you have found this word the first time, this is one of the biggest social networks on the Internet. It has millions of users.

Reddit consists of communities known as Subreddits. There are subreddits for everything from weight loss to mass gain.

The beneficial thing about Reddit is that it can send enough traffic to your blog to crash your servers.

The terrible thing about Reddit is that their communities scorn self-promotion.

In the event that you need to advance your content on Reddit, you need to initially develop notoriety in the network. At exactly that point you are safe to share your content.


On the off chance that you are perusing this end, at that point you are presumably stalling on really getting individuals to peruse your blog.

In the event that you need to develop your blog or need tips and techniques to increase blog traffic, you have to begin sharing your content at the present time. It requires some investment to gather speed.

Simply pick a strategy from the above rundown and begin.

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