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Are you a new blogger? Then this article will help you in being forward in SEO. If you are a blogger and seriously working on it, you will know the importance of SEO in your blog. SEO is for everything in your blog. Today I am talking about Image optimization for blogger blog. How can you make your images SEO friendly in blogger platform. If you are blogger user this article is very important for you. Stay with me on this article till end.

Without proper SEO blog cannot rank anywhere. So SEO is becoming a very important thing for the blog. So many bloggers are doing well SEO but the problem is that their blogs are not ranking. What may be the reason for that?

The reason is image SEO. Yes, this is very important as text SEO. Maximum numbers of internet users search some popular images, In this search result, you can also index your blog’s image. But how is it possible? Of course, it is possible due to complete and proper SEO of images. This article is strongly focused on image optimization for blogger blog. I hope this will be useful and helpful for you.

What need to do images optimization?

Image SEO is the thing which people have done for various reasons. But we are doing it for blogging so it will help to improve your visibility on search engine. It is also important to look of the blog, by using the best images you can make the blog so beautiful. Blog’s load time depends on this matter, load time depends on the size of it. Image optimization for blogger is little bit different than WordPress.

Benefits of Image Optimization –

  • If your blog’s photos became popular then it will appear on some photos sharing websites. By the photo, so many visitors visit your site.
  • There is a larger competition in the website ranking. So many websites are already available here on the same topic as yours. By image optimization, you can easily rank your images.
  • If you create custom images, so people will use your image. links from your blog will present on the Image. then you will get the good quality backlink.

How to do image optimization for blogger?

Here I have divided this topic in different pasts for better understand.

find correct images for article

All the bloggers use the classical images in their blog. Images are not free to use. If you used the image from another’s website then Google can ban your blog. So free image stock needs to know. I am telling some image stock, from there you can use the image without any problem.

image optimization for blogger blog

Don’t use the images from anywhere. The images on search engines are not for using purpose. These types of images are copyrighted from someone. So be careful about it. You can trap in big trouble.

There are some wonderful websites. These websites contain the very beautiful images. Images are in big stock. You can find the good images from here for your blog. There are some website like pexels, flickr, and pixabay etc. which provides the photos in big stock.

Some websites like Shutterstock and Flickr, where you can get high-quality and professional images by paying little bucks.

I am suggesting that you use a free stock image or paid stock professional image but don’t use the images from Google search result. Create the image by yourself this is the best method to find the good images for your blog. By this way, you will be the owner of the images on your website and anybody cannot bother you about that photos. you will only retain The all rights of that photos always.

Creating Your Own Images

So many bloggers are not satisfied with the stock image which are already created by anybody and want to show you blog so beautiful. then what to do? Here is a solution to this question- create your own images like professional. Here are some websites which help you create wonderful images like Canva.

Canva is a tool to create wonderful images. Here, every person can make their special image. Here are so many nice templates, you can use the text box anywhere so many facilities are available here. Anybody can create the image here especially non-designated image.

You can get any dimension and any sized image which you want. Picmonkey is also a most popular platform to create your own images.

Choose correct name of file

I have some experience, some blogger gives the name to file which is not few related to the content in the article. This is the main part of image SEO because the given name will become the URL later.

Rename the image, you want to rank the image for. It means include the Keywords. So you will help search engine to find the image which you want to rank and it will happen through included keyword in an image. For example, if you are writing the article about “how to do on page SEO” then you have to rename the image like “how-to-do-onpage-seo.jpg” this. This will help your readers and also search engine.

Write the title with the dash between two words and don’t give any space between two words, remember this thing. It will be looked like that – “how-to-do-onpage-seo.jpg”. You can also write the title like “howtodoonpageseo.jpg” this. I hope we will look at it as a mistake but this is also a correct format. It is safe.

  • Wrong format – “ABC123.jpg”
  • Okay Format – “howtodoonpageseo.jpg”
  • Perfect Format – “how-to-do-onpage-seo.jpg”

Image size and compression

The next thing to remember before uploading the image is the dimension and size of the image. You should not put the heavy images like HD format because it can increase your blog’s load time and this is not good for SEO.

Page loading time is so important factor for SEO. Don’t use the more size image into your blog. This may decrease your ranking.

Image size

According to SEO, the required image size is about 200px by 200px then it will fit for SEO and Social media sharing. Social media is an important one.

You can insert the image as your requirement. The dimension I have given is only noted for picked by social media. Minimum size required by which social media can pick your image is that. You can insert the image so large and also so small as you wish. When you want to use the big sized image then you should remember the dimension and size of your blog and then insert the image.

You should be sure with your blog’s theme dimension. Maximum themes are smaller in width. If your theme is small width then use the image which is smaller in width because the smaller width needs the smaller image in mobile devices. By this way, you can select the image size as you wish. This is the perfect way to invent the new designated images.

Some people are not interested to create the professional images because they directly download the image in the stock images but these images are not in perfect dimension as you want then what should do? If you downloaded an image then it will not be in perfect size and dimension then crop or resize it as you want to insert in your blog.

Don’t insert the image in its original dimension and don’t use it with height and width parameter in your post editor because your image size does not reduce. Only some difference is found.

If you upload an image with it’s a real or original dimension and after you change the dimension of it then it is the wrong way to insert images because the first original sized image takes the place the dimension and it covers the area first so it does not reduce when you resize it. This will increase the page load time only.

PicResize and PicMonkey are the tools which help to reduce your images size. By this tools resize your image before uploading them in your blog.

Image Compression

When you used images without resizing it, which have downloaded from the stock images then you are increasing the pressure of your blog. The more its quality then the more it’s size also.

The size of the image should be in two digits in KB. If it’s size will be three digits in KB or directly in MB then it will be hazardous for your page. To do resize the image it is not always possible. What to do at this time? In this condition, you can compress your images.

TinyPNG is the tool by which you can compress your images easily and in your wishing size. It compresses the size of the image. After compressed the images no more quality difference will be found in the image.

Enter correct ALT Text

ALT text is nothing other than the description for your image file. In some condition, your image will not be able to display. Suppose what a bad condition it is! You will think this is a big problem Yes! This is a problem but you can prevent yourself from this problem. ALT text is very important factor in image optimization for blogger.

If you have inserted the image well and also an ALT tag is perfect then in the above condition you can prevent from this types of the problem because if your image is not displaying then your ALT text will take the place of your image.

ALT text not only works as replacing the image in some condition but also it tells to the search engine that image is present on its place. If you have not used the ALT text then you are missing too much visitors by it.

If anybody searches for anything then search engine try to give the best result to him. The search result is not only in text manner also in images. If anybody searches through images then this ALT text helps to increase the traffic. The search engine can read the ALT text so it is most important for image SEO.

How to Choose ALT texts?

Now you have whole required knowledge about ALT text. What is it? and what is its work? But you don’t know what may enter in ALT text? ALT text can increase your ranking. Ranking can be increased by using keywords. It also helps to increase the image ranking chances. The image you are using may be related to your whole content. It may be matched with your ALT text.

Suppose, you are writing an article about how to do on-page SEO? and you are using the image of any other things like animals or nature this is the wrong one.

The reader should understand your topic after a single look of your article thumbnail. Now, this is a correct way to insert the image in your article. The keyword which you are using for your article should enter in the ALT text of the image. Then the chances of ranking will increase properly.

How to Add ALT texts in the Images?

Add the ALT text in your image HTML code, simply add alt = “this is your alt text”. Here is an example of how to do that.

<img src=”how-to-do-on-page-seo.jpg” alt=”how to do on page seo”/>

In WordPress post editor Media Uploader take in use to enter the ALT text in images. This makes it simple. When you are inserting an image into your article, you can add ALT text directly into your image.

In this way, readers can find the image easily by ALT text. In this way, your article can rank.

Keep in mind while doing image optimization for blogger

Remove hyperlink from the Image

When you insert the image in your article then replace your image name with image URL. This process automatically takes place. That URL is hyperlink of your image. You have to remove it. This link saved in your page sources code. This link is found at the external link.

How to remove Hyperlink Step by Step –

When you are writing the article simply go to the HTML section of your article. Find the png, jpg, jpeg file in that HTML. You can remove it directly. You can close the image link by using blogger article making dashboard.

Step 1 – Click the image which you have to remove the link.
Step 2 – Now press right arrow key. It will open a new strip.
Step 3 – Click on the remove hyperlink button as shown in image.

Height and Width of Images

The height and width boundaries are one of the most ignored components in image optimization. At whatever point you embed an image in your article, ensure that its HTML code contains the height and width boundaries as well.

The explanation they ought to be available in the code is that it assumes an enormous part in page loading speed.

At the point when the programs identify the height and width tags, they will keep loading the text on the page while keeping the space characterized by the height and width boundaries and filling it with the image.

The text and the image will be stacked all the while, accordingly keeping up a decent page loading speed.

On the off chance that you don’t specify the tags, at that point, the programs will stack the text till the image, at that point the image will be stacked totally, and afterward, the rest of the text will be stacked. This will put a great deal of strain on the workers and speed up the page.

Extra Image Optimization for blogger practices

Image Format – JPED, PNG and GIF

There are various kinds of image formats accessible like JPEG (JPG), PNG, and GIF. Generally, we as a whole use JPEG record format however here and there we will, in general, utilize PNG and GIF also.

  • JPEG format – JPEG format is best utilized for computerized photography and is the most broadly utilized format.
  • PNG format – PNG is a lossless format and offers stunning pressure. Regardless of whether you alter the image on various occasions or resize it and pack it, it won’t lose any information or debase in quality.
  • GIF format – GIF format is famous generally in light of the fact that it underpins little size images.

Of all the image formats, the best image format that you can utilize is JPEG. The explanation for this is straightforward. JPEG formats are relatively littler in size which implies the images will stack quicker and since you don’t have to alter the images a great deal, JPEG format is the best to use in your posts.

Use Caption in the Image

Captions are the text portrayal that shows up directly beneath the images in your article. You can utilize the caption territory to portray the image or give credit joins. There is no immediate connection between image captions and the web crawler rankings. In any case, there are reasons why including image caption is a truly significant factor.

The captions are accessible to you with the goal that you can mention to your perusers what you are attempting to suggest by utilizing the image. Now and then, the perusers may misunderstand the thought and hop to an inappropriate end and it’s dependent upon you to furnish them with all the information and subtleties before they bounce to any ends.

By utilizing clever and imaginative captions with innovative images, you will start the perusers’ advantage, and they may wind up investing more energy into your site perusing the total article.

This will lower the ricochet rate, which thusly will improve your SEO score and increase the odds of the image getting a higher situation in the web index results.

Over to you

You give your most time to write an article, it can go to waste, your effort can go to waste by not using the image optimization SEO for better results. Follow this article and create your image as you want and do Image Optimization SEO. You will realize its result soon.

If you liked the article on Image optimization for blogger, then please share it with others on social media etc. If you have any query about it then please inform me by comment or you can contact me below.

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