IDF Full Form – What does the term IDF stand for?

idf full form

What is the full form of IDF?

The full form of the term IDF is Intermediate Distribution Frame. It is frame working mostly used in telecommunication’s central offices and customer service centers.

These frames get in used to cross-connect telecommunication user cables to another particular telecommunication circuit. In these frames, the multi-pair cable from the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) works by connecting it with the Combined Distribution Frame (CDF) at the point L. All these connected individual cables are connected to the Combined Distribution frame and remoted in an area.

Definition of IDF: According to Broadcast Engineering, the Distribution Frame is the one located inside the apparatus room through which all types of signals pass. If the connection is good in these, then they can be connected, otherwise, the connection can be made by joining its terminal blocks together.

Auxiliary components

IDF i.e. Intermediate Distribution Frame has various auxiliary components which are associated in some way or the other. Instruments are also included in the various auxiliary components of the IDF, which can also include circuit termination devices. If we talk about the environment of the central office, then many auxiliary components have been included in the intermediate distribution frame.

Out of which various types of devices can be captured by IDF in Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Network (LAN) environment. However, for this Backup System (Hard Drive or other media self-contained, or RAID, CD-ROM, etc.) as well as other connections like Networking (Switch, Hub, Router), etc. have also been included. Apart from this, fiber optics, coaxial, series cable, etc. are also included in this.

Use of Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF)

Intermediate Distribution Frames are most commonly used for wide area network and local area network environments. Apart from this, the Intermediate Distribution Frame has also been used by telephone exchange, central office, and customer-premises equipment, etc. However, IDF distribution frames are also used for other distribution components.

The term IDF is also abbreviated for:

TermFull formCategory
IDFIsraeli Defense ForcesIsrael
IDF Infrastructure Debt FundFinance
IDF International Dairy FederationFood
IDF Immune Deficiency FoundationMedical
IDF Identified DefectiveElectricity bill
IDFInformed DefectiveElectricity bill
IDF Invention Disclosure FormPatent
IDF Intermediate Distribution Frame Networking
IDF Inertial Dampening FieldChatting
IDF Independence FleetChatting
IDFInternational Dart FederationSports
IDFInput Data FormatDatabase Management
IDFIntermediate Data FormatDatabase Management
IDF Inertial Dampening FieldAstronomy
IDFInverse Document FrequencySoftware


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