PUBG Mobile Latest Version – How to Update PUBG Mobile After Ban?

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PUBG mobile is celebrating its 3rd anniversary in March 2021. In this article, I am going to tell you how to update PUBG mobile after the ban? and How to update PUBG mobile lite? Also, the way that helps you to update PUBG mobile without the Play Store. PUBG mobile latest version is 1.3.1 for Android.

As you know many people are facing trouble accessing PUBG on the Google Play store, even people of India can not access the official website of PUBG mobile. This is the 18th season of PUBG mobile. To celebrate its 3rd-anniversary PUBG has added a special anniversary platform named Hundred Rythm in Erangle map.

PUBM mobile has added a new map Karakin in battle. Karakin map is based on the desert. Karakin map replaced Vikendi for few months. The dimension of the Karakin map is 2km x 2km. There are lots of hills, little vegetation short matches. This map is best for fast-paced mid-to-close combat.

How to update PUBG mobile after ban?

After the ban, PUBG mobile is not legal in India. Therefore you can not access it in our country. I am going to tell you 3 methods by which you can update PUBG mobile without the Play store.

Update from APK Pure

APK Pure is one of the best android apps libraries. There are many apps available on it including PUBG mobile, PUBG mobile KR, PUBG mobile lite. APK Pure is the best source to get PUBG mobile latest version. The first thing you need to do is download APK pure on your device.

Step 1 – Download and Install APK Pure app from browser.

Step 2 – Search PUBG mobile on APK Pure.

Step 3 – Select the correct mode of PUBG and click on “Update” button.

Step 4 – Once it completed update, it will display the Install button there click on it.

Congratulation you have done the update successfully. With this app same thing, you can do with PUBG mobile KR and PUBG mobile lite also. This is the only way to update without using VPN.

Update from Play store

Keep your PUBG mobile up to date using the Play store is like a headache in India. Before Play Store was the best way to update PUBG mobile. But now PUBG mobile does not appear on Play Store only in India. It is available on the Play Store for other countries except for India.

If you want to see PUBG mobile on the Play Store you need to change your server using VPN. To know which are the best VPN for PUBG mobile, read this article.

Step 1 – Connect your VPN to any other country.

Step 2 – Create a new Google account while keep your VPN connected.

Step 3 – Long touch on Play Store app and clear its caches and data.

Step 4 – Open Play Store, click on your profile and select the account which you recently created.

Step 5 – Search for PUBG mobile.

This is the process to update using Play Store. PUBG mobile will appear on Play Store as it was appearing few months ago.

Update from official Website

This is another genuine method to get PUBG mobile latest version. With the help of the official website of PUBG mobile, PUBG won’t update directly. First, you have to download the updated version and install it manually. Let check how you can do this –

Step 1 – Clear the cache and data of your browser.

Step 2 – Connect VPN to your device.

Step 3 – Open the browser and go to PUBG mobile official website.

Step 4 – You can see APK Download button click on it. It will start downloading updated APK of PUBG mobile.

Step 5 – After downloading, Install the downloaded APK.

Congratulations, now you have the latest and updated version of PUBG mobile. This is one of the best methods to keep your PUBG mobile updated.

Wrapping up

With the use of these methods, you don’t need to ask your friend for a PUBG update. You can update and download PUBG mobile independently any time and anywhere. Keep this in mind, after the update you may not be able to login with any id. It will show invalid login or something, in this case, you will have to log in using one of the best VPN for PUBG mobile. Once you logged in to your id, you can disconnect your VPN and enjoy your battle without connecting VPN.

I hope you like APK pure to update PUBG mobile. My personal recommendation is to use APK pure to update.

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Thanks for reading.

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