How to stop auto download of resource packs in BGMI & PUBG?

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How to stop the auto download of resource packs in BGMI/PUBG? You can see in the thumbnail that the download option from my BGMI account has disappeared due to a glitch. Now I am able to do inventory, shop, and crate opening very easily. If you also want to turn off auto-download in your game, then read this article till the end.

Friends 1.7 version update of BGMI/PUBG has arrived. And if you have updated your game, then you must have seen that this time the theme is looking very good. But a very annoying auto-download is triggered in it automatically. If you go to your inventory then, if you only go to the shop it will turn on automatically. Many people run the game on their mobile internet and many people do not want to fill their mobile storage with game data, then in such conditions, it becomes a very annoying problem. There is no such setting to turn off auto-download in the game lobby as well as anywhere in the settings. The game has a download option, but it can only pause the downloading process, it will start again when you go to the inventory and shop. So let’s know how you can get rid of it.

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How to stop auto download in BGMI & PUBG?

There is no permanent solution to this problem, but with this glitch, you can get rid of this problem to some extent. Meaning, if you go to the inventory or shop anywhere in the game, then you will not be disturbed by automatically downloading again and again. Follow the step as well I am telling:

Step 1: Before entering the game, completely turn off the internet connection of your mobile.

Step 2: After turning off the internet, now launch the game.

How to stop auto download in BGMI & PUBG
Turn your internet off until this popup doesn’t appear

Step 3: Now a popup (unable to connect to server) will appear as shown in the image. Now turn on the mobile internet and click on the OK button in the popup.

Step 4: Now let the game run completely and as you can see the download indicator has disappeared from the game.

It is mandatory to turn off your mobile data before entering the game and equally important to keep your mobile internet connection off until the popup doesn’t appear. I hope you understand what you have to do.

If you follow this process, your download option will disappear from the lobby as you can see in our thumbnail. This trick is specially for version 1.7 of BGMI and PUBG and as proof, you can see by looking at the theme shown in the thumbnail that I used the same screenshot of version 1.7. This version has a download option in the left middle of the lobby, but with this trick, it will disappear. Whenever this problem comes to the notice of the BGMI team, it can be rectified officially by them at any time. For that go and spam everywhere on BGMI official and PUBG official I mean to say on PlayStore, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Till then, we can use this trick that works in this temporary form. Why temporary? Because after using this trick, when you close the game and open it again, then auto-downloading will come again. So whenever you are going to play, do not forget to turn off the internet and launch the game.

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