How You Can Open an Indian Post Payment Bank Account?

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In this article, I am going to tell you How to open an IPPB account? when you open an account in Indian Post Payment Bank, you do not get the card for your account. You have to get a Virtual Card for it. That virtual card is your IPPB ATM Card. What is the process to get a card and do you have to pay for your virtual card or not? Let’s try to solve all your questions.

First of all, you need to know about IPPB (Indian Post Payment Bank). This bank is owned by the Indian government through the Department of Indian Post under the Ministry of communication. So this is one of the nationalized banks of India. It opened in 2018.

Is Indian Post Payment Bank nationalized?
– Yes, the Indian Post Payment Bank is nationalized and owned by the Indian government through Indian Post. It is a subsidiary of Indian Post.

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How to open an IPPB account?

Indian Post Payment Bank is one of the best banks in Indian. You can easily open an account of it, even if you age less than 18 years and greater than 10 years. To know the process of IPPB account opening, doesn’t skip the article. To open the account in Indian Post Payment Bank you have to download IPPB Mobile Banking mobile app. The app is easily available on Google Play Store. After downloading the app, you will have to follow the steps below –

Step 1 – First of all open the app. (App asks for some permissions, you need to allow all the permissions by clicking the “Allow” button.)

How to open IPPB account

Step 2 – Now click on the “Open Your Account Now!” link. (If you don’t know English, you can change the app language by clicking on the down arrow, which is at the right bottom of the app.)
Step 3 – Enter your mobile number at the correct place. It is showing DGSBA – Digital Saving Banking Account, you can not change it.
Step 4 – Enter your PAN and click on the “Continue” button (Permanent Account Number on your PAN card.)
Step 5 – Next you have to enter the OTP here within 3 minutes. (The OTP will come on the same mobile number that you entered.)
Step 6 – Click on the “Submit” button.
Step 7 – Here you have to enter your Aadhaar Number now and re-enter it. (If you don’t have an Aadhaar card, you can choose the second option Aadhar Virtual ID.)
Step 8 – Tick both checkboxes at the bottom and click on the “Submit” button.
Step 9 – Again an OTP comes on the mobile number with which your Aadhaar card is linked.
Step 10 – After entering OTP, fill the Account Opening Form. add details as below –

Required Documents for IPPB account opening

After entering the OTP it will redirect to the Account Opening Form. You have all set, Now you have to have to fill an Account Opening Form. It includes –

Personal Information

In personal information, you can see your photo as same as your Aadhaar card or Aadhaar Virtual ID. It will take your Aadhaar details. Only you have to enter your mother’s maiden name, husband/wife name, and mother name. Scroll down and look for email id, If the email id hasn’t been added already, you have to enter it or you can keep it empty, it is optional.

After entering all information click on the “Save” button. Now go back, you can see there is a green tick on Personal Information. It means you have added genuine information.

PAN & Communication Address

Here you have to add your communication address. After clicking on this option, you will see, it has lifted your address from your Aadhaar card. I recommend you don’t touch it, keep it as it is. After that, you have to add your communication address. Communication addresses for those people who do not live in their homes such as students, servicemen, and much more. These people have an Aadhaar card with their home address but they live in different addresses.

In case you live at your home address, tick on the Same as a permanent address check box. In case you live at a different address from your home, don’t tick on the check box. Leave the Form 60 Declaration box empty. Now click on the “Save” button and go back, you can see there is a green tick on it.

Nominee Details

If you want to add a nominee to your account, you can do so using this option. It will ask you a question “Do you want to enter nominee details?” If you want to add, tick Yes. If you don’t want to add, tick No. But I recommend, don’t add a nominee to your account at the time of account opening, you can add it later. After that click on the “Save” button. If you want to add a nominee, you have to add some details of the nominee person. You have to add the nominee’s name, date of birth, and address in case it is not the same as the applicant’s address. Also, you have to upload a photo of the nominee. After that, it will also get green.

Additional Information

Here you have to add some important additional detail like Nationality, marital status, your occupation type, annual income, and education level (Below matriculation, Matriculation, Under Graduate, Graduate, Post Graduate, and Professional). It will ask you for “Are you a politically exposed person?”. If you are, tick on yes. If you are not, tick on No. Now click on the “Save” button and go back. As you can see it will also have a green color.

Account Information

Keep requiring an account statement tick on yes. In the mode of account statement delivery, you can choose as per your choice. There are two options online and postal. As you can think the online statement is better than postal. Now you have to choose DBT mapping. There are four options if you haven’t added any bank account to get DBT yet, you can choose the first option. If you want to transfer your DBT receiving bank account to this account, select the second option. If you don’t want to change it, select the third option. If you don’t want DBT, select the fourth option. Fill tick in the below check box and cffslick on the “Save” button.

Step 11 – Now you are only one step back to opening your IPPB account. Now the time to verify your entered detail carefully. 
Step 12 – If you want to do Mobile banking, SMS banking, and Missed call banking tick all three empty checkboxes. After checking your details, click on Confirm button. It will generate an OPT and sent it to your Aadhaar linked mobile number. You have to enter that OTP here now and click on Submit button.

Your IPPB account has been created successfully. You will get your customer’s ID and your account number.

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IPPB account opening without PAN

As you know, in India there are no money transactions possible without a PAN card. But you can do it without a PAN card. Form 60 Declaration is the alternative for PAN cards. You have to fill this form at the time of account opening. You can not open an IPPB account without PAN on the mobile app and the website does not have the facility to open the account. Hence you have to visit the nearest Post Office branch. They can open your account only with your Aadhaar card, nothing else need. You have to pay ₹100 for the account opening, this ₹100 will be added to your account. After your account opening, you will receive the card which includes your account number and customer ID as shown in the image.

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Now you know How to open an IPPB account in the mobile app and also you know you can not open an IPPB account on their official website. Either you can open an account via the app or you can open an account directly through the nearest Indian Post office.

If you are willing to get a real ATM card, you should visit your nearest Post Office branch. They will help you to get a real IPPB ATM card. But is also good to have a virtual card because you can pay at any show using UPI, PayTM, and much more. Keep in mind you have to pay ₹25 to generate your ATM card.

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