How to get invited from Quora Partner Program?

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You must have gone to Quora to find the answer to any of your questions. It is known globally as the top question-answer platform. You must have noticed that people keep putting so much content on it. Such a question must have come to your mind “why do people put so much content on Quora?” The simple answer is that people get paid for putting content on Quora therefore they do not hesitate to upload much longer content. Read the article to know how you can join Quora Partner Program so that you will also earn just by asking questions.

First of all, we need to know what the Quora Partner Program is? As you know that people keep putting different types of questions on Quora. Other people also come to read the already put questions. Due to this the views on Quora increased and the business also grew. Quora shows sponsor ads on the questions made by the people, due to which the business gets leads. Quora Partner Program is made to encourage people to put content on Quora with more interest. In this people also get a chance to earn. Views in this program are counted on the question and not on the answer, no matter how many answers there are. Whose question gets more views, the more its revenue will be generated.

How to join Quora Partner Program?

how to join quora partner program

Quora Partner Program is an invite-only initiative means Quora will invite you by itself to be a part of this program, you cannot apply to get approved for monetization. There are many myths on the internet about joining the QPP but all are busted. There are some criteria for joining the QPP which is not disclosed. But when someone fulfills these unknown criteria, he automatically receives the partner program email including the partner dashboard from Quora.

In order to get invited to the partner program keep the following points in your mind:

  1. Ask good questions that get engagement and views.
  2. Try to ask as many questions as possible in a day.
  3. Keep your profile 100% completed by adding all the required information.
  4. Try to write detailed answers to the questions in which you have expertise.
  5. Avoid prompting anything else in your answer, so do not put an external link.
  6. Do not ask questions similar to the ones already asked.
  7. Try as much as you can to increase engagement and views on Quora.
  8. You are a partner, not an employee so think about increasing the ad earning of Quora.

What is the eligibility to join QPP?

There is not a long list of criteria to join here, there is only one factor that is considered. The most important and only aspect to join Quora Partner Program is the views, meaning the more views you get on the content you put in, the sooner you will be invited by Quora.

From many sources on the Internet, such information is available that when the user reaches the milestone of 100,000 views, then Quora will send him the invitation. But many people claim that they are invited with around 55,000 views on their content. So there is a possibility that when you get a 50k view, you will be invited. No one knows the exact eligibility Quora uses to select the participant for the partner program. There are some additional conditions including views they have fixed to get users invited.

How will you get paid through Quora Partner Program?

Once you get invited for monetization, you will get an option open to link your bank or PayPal. Here you will receive your all upcoming payment regarding Quora. As I already have told you views are counted on questions not for answers. Now let’s understand the scenario and how QPP works.

After monetization is approved, Quora shows sponsor ads on your written questions. Views will come on your question, and impressions will also be counted from that. This is how the sponsored business gets leads by Quora. So the business pays Quora. And because of you, the traffic comes to Quora, therefore it shares the stake with you as well. This is the working cycle of the Quora Partner Program.

Is the Quora Partner Program genuine?

how to join quora partner program
As you can see this is the payment proof that proves you can really get paid from Quora Partner Program.

Millions of traffic come on Quora every day. People believe a lot in Quora and should also do so. Because there are many knowledgeable people on Quora who give good knowledge. However, nowadays spam has started happening on Quora as well. Quora is a billion-dollar company so it will not break people’s trust. It can be trusted with closed eyes.

Yes, the Quora Partner Program is a genuine platform, it’s not a scam. You can explore more about QPP on the official space of the Quora Partner Program. A partner program has been created to grow Quora’s business. According to this program, Quora shares its revenue with its top publishers. That’s why people are attracted to Quora and work with interest. People do research to get more and more views on the questions. But these views come on Quora, but the work of increasing the traffic is being done by the people. That’s why Quora distributes stakes through a partner program with such people.

How to more your QPP earning?

Because of Quora shares its own revenue with you, therefore its ratio may seem less to you than the revenue generated from your own website through ads. But believe me, you can earn a very good amount from here, as many people are already earning. With a little practice, you too can become an expert in this and give a boost to your earning. Quora Partner Program is very easy but there is only one challenging thing and that is to join it.

Quora partner program earning

If you are a blogger then you will know how to do keyword research, and if you are not, then you will have to learn it. There are many sources on the internet from which you can learn for free. Because on Quora, you have to ask questions on such topics which are in trend, only then will you get more views. That’s why it is important to know keyword research. Asking questions on Quora is a kind of blogging, only the platform is not your own. Due to the authority of Quora, your question will be ranked at the top very soon. If you rank at the top then you will get more traffic and obviously more traffic means more earnings.

If you are interested in Quora but unfortunately couldn’t join Quora Partner Program then read our article on how to earn money online from Quora to know more methods of earning.


This was a detailed article about QPP. After reading this, I hope that you must have understood that you cannot join Quora Partner Program by your self but Quora will invite you to join. So don’t fall prey to false rumors like send an email to quora to join, you must be an English user, you must be from the USA, the user must be active for a long time, and must have 1 lakh views. Till now Quora has not officially revealed the criteria for QPP. That’s why you just keep putting good content so that good views will come, then Quora itself will send you an invitation. So don’t worry, keep doing your work honestly, you will get the results one day or the other.

If you are not getting on Quora, then there are many ways through which you can earn money online. You can also use Facebook, and Snapchat to earn.

If you are interested to earn online keep coming to our blog, we daily keep updating new online earning ways.

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