How to Insert Watermark in Microsoft Word Document?

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Hey, If you work on Microsoft Word, this article will be proven very useful for you. Because in this article I am telling how to insert watermark in word.

If you work for any service based company, you often have to write something. To make it easy you use Microsoft Word for it. As you know how much the risk has increased nowadays. Therefore you need to keep your Word document safe. Hence you need to add watermark in your file.

The above reason may not be only one reason for adding watermark to Word document. There are many situations where you have to add a watermark. So I am writing this article to make it easier.

Let us now turn to our topic –

What can we do with watermarks in Microsoft Word?

There are many things you have to keep in your mind while dealing with Watermark in MS Word. This article is not only for how to insert watermark in word. You can find the following things in our this article.

  1. How to insert watermark in word?
  2. How to use any image as watermark?
  3. How to use any text in watermark?
  4. How to remove watermark?

Let us cover the above topic one by one –

How to insert watermark in word?

If you want to insert watermark successfully, you have to follow steps below.

How to Insert Watermark in Word

Step 1 – Open MS Word and go to “Design” menu.

How to Insert Watermark in Word

Step 2 – Now you can see Watermark option in the last box, click on it.

Step 3 – Select any one default watermark.

You have inserted your watermark successfully. You can select one of that 4 default watermarks. As you can see there are 4 default watermarks ideas.

If you want to use any other text in that watermark, you can do it as follows –

How to Insert custom Watermark in Word?

There are two types of custom watermark –

1) Text Watermark
2) Picture Watermark.

Custom text Watermark in Word

Step 1 – Click on that Watermark option.

How to Insert Watermark in Word

Step 2 – Then go to Custom Watermark.

It will open Printed watermark pop-up. You can find many customization options for watermark. You can change your watermark’s language, text, font style, font size, color, layout and transparency.

watermark in ms word

Step 3 – In opened pop-up you can see Text option. Change your watermark’s text using this option.

Step 4 – Now click on “Apply” button.

By using this method you can use any your text in your watermark. If you want to keep your watermark inclined, tick on Diagonal check box. If you want to keep your watermark horizontal, tick on Horizontal check box. How to insert watermark in word is not over here there are most advanced customization options for watermark.

Picture Watermark in Word

Picture watermark is very different than text watermark. The process to add picture watermark is little bit different than process to add text watermark.

Step 1 – Go to Design>>Watermark.

Step 2 – Click on “Custom Watermark” option.

Step 3 – Now tick on Picture Watermark. It will open customization option for Picture Watermark.

Step 4 – Click on “Select Picture” button and select that image which you want to add from your computer.

Step 6 – Finally click on “Apply” button.

After applying watermark. You can see watermark will be stick to your MS word page. You can change your watermark’s image size by using scale. If you found your watermark is so faint, you need to remove washout by disabling it.

How to remove watermark in MS word?

There is no different method to remove text and picture watermark. You can remove both them by following one method.

Step 1 – Go to Design>>Watermark.
Step 2 – It will open new drop-down. You can see Remove Watermark option at second last position.
Step 3 – Click on Remove Watermark button.

Here you finished. This is not a big and complicated task to deal with watermark in word file. As you know there may be many purposes for that you have to insert watermark in MS Word.


Microsoft Word is not simple to understand there are many decoration options in it. A beginner can not do any word easily in it. I recommend you before start working on Microsoft Word you need to understand it.

I hope you have learned a lot. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you have any query, feel free to ask me.

Thanks for reading.

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