How to get the Unique Destiny title in PUBG/BGMI?

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Do you play PUBG if yes, then you must have seen many interesting things in PUBG till today, due to which people spend their free time in PUBG. In this article, we will talk about one such interesting thing which is a title in PUBG and is known as Unique Destiny.

Being a PUBG player you will know the importance of the titles in the game. When you’re standing in the lobby, when you’re on Broadcast Iceland, there’s a title showing over your character which sounds pretty impressive. It is such small things that make people a means of attraction to PUBG. Nowadays every player has a title, but there are very few people who have unique titles than others, such as Unique Destiny.

What is the Unique Destiny title in PUBG?

Unique Destiny is a Mythic title and It is one of the titles in the PUBG which you can achieve by completing acquired criteria. You can understand the meaning of Unique Destiny, it means a different approach, as far as very few people have reached and you are one of them. To get this title, you have to work hard in PUBG, you have to spend a lot of time in the game. Because no new person can fulfill the condition laid to get this title. At this time, those who have been playing since the first time launch of PUBG in 2017 are getting this title in today’s time. This will give you an idea of how much patience you have to have.

How to get Unique Destiny title in PUBG?

As I told you, this is not easy to get this title, its reason is the criteria behind it. To claim this title the minimum and the only requirement is the full 6000 Achievement points, that is after completing any achievement mission.

unique destiny title in pubg

Now many people would think that completing 6000 Achievement points is easy, but it is not so. Along with this title, you also get a mythic outfit as a gift, named Fiend Huntress set and you also get 60 achievement points. This is black colored long coat outfit. As the name suggests, it is a female outfit but you can wear it with a male character as well. You can see in the image that I also have a male character. You can see how this outfit looks in the image. There’s no trick to completing this achievement, and there’s no redeeming code to get the title without doing anything.

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