How to fix This copy of Windows is not genuine?

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Hello and welcome to this article! Have you ever experienced a dark black screen on your computer desktop with a message like Windows 7 Build 7601 This copy of Windows is not genuine? This might happen if you use an overdated copy of Windows. If you can not afford a new Windows copy for your system, this article is for you. Further, I am gonna show you how you can extend or postpone Windows expiry.

Every time when you turn on your computer you see a message including an error code 0xC004F035 and a suggestion to purchase a Windows license. While your computer suffering from this condition, your system misbehaves like the background wallpaper on your computer’s home screen gets removed automatically and the desktop background become black, which looks very annoying. This might be because the copy of Windows on your computer get expired. Today in this article I am gonna show you how you can fix this issue and get back your wallpaper function free of cost sitting at home.

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Why does your computer show this copy of Windows is not genuine?

  • If you have purchased one copy of Windows and you use it on more than one computer, in this case it may occurs this issue in your computer.
  • Maybe your product key or license is missing. Your computer require either a 25-character Windows product key or a Windows digital license to get Windows activated.
  • You might be using a different product key or version of Windows than what you used before repair. That’s why you should reinstall the original version of Windows or use product key included with your PC.
  • Many people have complained their activated license key gets removed automatically. It probably happens due to updates in your computer or even long-time use of the same Windows license.

In this case, you may have to face some issues like This copy of Windows is not genuine or Windows is not activated. But no need to worry I will show you how you can reactivate your Windows copy.

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How to fix Windows 7 Build 7601 This copy of Windows is not genuine?

The following is the list of solutions when your Windows shows not genuine. Your Windows license key gets automatically removed, in this case, you can repair it by entering the Windows license key again. If you are getting error because you are using the trial version that is expired, you can reset the trial or you can continue without activating it.

#1. Reset the activation timer using Rearm command

Rearm is a command which is used to reset the activation timer, meaning it allows you to extend the trial version without activation Windows.

this copy of windows is not genuine
  1. To run Command Prompt as administrator, you can search Command Prompt in the search box, right-click on it then select Run as administrator option.
  1. Type the below-given code to the Command Prompt exactly next to C:\Windows\system32> as shown in the image and press Enter.
    • slmgr -rearm
this copy of windows is not genuine
  1. It will show the success message, you have to click on Ok button on that message box.
  2. Close the Command Prompt and restart your computer.

After restarting, you can see This copy of Windows is not genuine the error has gone away. But why your desktop background is still black? It is because the Background wallpaper is not get reverted automatically, you need to change it manually.

#2. SkipRearm to use Windows without activating

SkipRearm is a registry entry that specifies whether to run the Windows Software Licensing Rearm program. It is a setting that allows you to use Windows without a activating license key. Doing this method you can extend your Windows expiry.

  1. Search Registry Editor or REGEDIT in the search bar of your computer.
  1. Right click on Registry Editor/REGEDIT and select Run as administrator. After that it will show a popup, click Yes on that popup.
this copy of windows is not genuine
  1. Now go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → SOFTWARE → Microsoft → Windows NT → CurrentVersion → SoftwareProtectionPlatform by clicking on the arrow located in front of each key. There you will find SkipRearm, open it.
  2. Enter value “1” under Value data, click on Ok button and check what happened.
  3. Close all of these programs and restart your computer.

By following this method you will definitely not get that error message again on your computer.

#3. Delete the operating system’s activation tracker

In this step, we are going to delete the operating system’s activation tracker i.e. SLUI.exe. SLUI stands for Windows Software Licensing User Interface, it is a background process that keeps tracking whether the operating system is activated.

  1. Open Local Disk (C:) folder in your computer.
  2. Now go to Windows → System32 and scroll a bit down, there you will find slui.exe application.
  3. Right click on slui.exe and select Properties option.
this copy of windows is not genuine
  1. Now go to Security tab, there you will see Advanced button, click on it.
  2. In the Advanced security settings, go to Owner tab and then click on Edit button.
  3. There you will shown the users available on your computer. You have to select Administrators from the list and click on Apply and Ok button.
  4. Go back and delete SLUI application, you will see a popup click Yes on it.
  5. Restart your computer, you will not see the Windows Activation popup again which was coming up before the computer started.

Do not hesitate to delete the SLUI application file. If you just deleted it then you could copy it from a different Windows 7 PC and put it back into the System32 folder on your computer.

#4. Disable Windows updates and Software protection

At the time when your Windows license is expired, you have to face a dark background even after changing the background wallpaper. You can follow the below steps so that you can continually use the wallpaper function on your PC.

  1. On the desktop, right click on Computer or This PC and select Manage option.
  1. Computer Management window will open, open Services under Services and Applications.
  2. Find Windows Update option which is located at extreme down side.
this copy of windows is not genuine
  1. Select Startup type as Disabled, click on Stop button under Service status. After few moments the Service status will turn to Stopped.
  2. Now press Apply and then Ok button.

If you follow this step the Windows activation popup window will not appear again as well as the background wallpaper will also not get removed and the desktop background will not turn black.

Wrapping up

Now that you have done this, it means that your problem has been temporarily solved. But now one important thing is that you can extend the Windows activation grace period only 3 times, which means you can use Windows for 90 days without a genuine license. After this period interval, you have only one option and that is to use a genuine license key to activate Windows, or to leave your operating system in non-genuine condition.

I hope you got the correct solution on your PC showing this copy of Windows is not genuine from this article. If you like to read this type of content then keep visiting our website. Thanks for reading!

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