How to fix the Authorization revoked error in PUBG/BGMI 2023?

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A new error has introduced itself in PUBG that is Authorization revoked but don’t worry this can be fixed very easily. This is a temporary issue that does not occur on all devices, only on some devices. This issue occurs in PUBG as well as BGMI and PUBG Mobile lite, so read this article if someone finds this error in PUBG Mobile, BGMI, and PUBG Mobile lite too.

PUBG Mobile is the most played battle royal mobile game in the world which is known as BGMI in India. After PUBG Mobile got banned in India, they relaunched it by renaming it Battleground Mobile India i.e. BGMI. Here is the detailed article on how to transfer an account from PUBG mobile to BGMI in 2023. Being best the developers need to keep attention on everything but sometimes something gets left out due to which small bugs like login failure keep coming to the fore.

Why Authorization revoked error occur in PUBG?

authorization revoked popup in pubg

This is a temporary error that occurs only on some devices, not on all devices. Mainly this problem is being found in low-end devices. Perhaps you will remember that a few seasons ago, Facebook was used to login openly into PUBG itself, but now to log in, PUBG syncs with the default browser, then has to login to Facebook, then to PUBG. That means PUBG does not allow the browser to do login into some devices or else due to bad performance it is unable to make connectivity with the browser.

As you know you can not log in via your Twitter account until you don’t have the Twitter app on your mobile similarly you can not log in via your Google Play account without having the Google Play Games app on your mobile. The same thing is happening with Facebook too. Let’s see what you should do to repair the Authorization Revoked error.

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How to fix the Authorization revoked error in PUBG?

While going to login into PUBG using Facebook, Twitter, and Google Play it shows an error popup that mentioned “Authorization Revoked”, which means the action was canceled. To fix this you have to follow some methods mentioned below:

1) Try the Repair tool: This option can be used to repair any technical issue in the game. You can find this tool on the same screen where you get the Facebook, Twitter, and Google options to log in. On the same screen, the Repair tool button is located on the right side of the screen and below the Help and Language icons. After opening this tool select Routine Repair and Repair Resources then press the Ok button. PUBG gets closed automatically, restart it again. Maybe this should be helpful for you.

2) Clear cache & data: Clearing app data is a panacea that can fix maximum technical errors in any mobile app. Therefore you should try this maybe your problem get resolved if not unless it definitely gets fixed by the next method.

3) Restart your browser: Sometimes the browser hangs, so when you go to log in, the browser does not respond, due to which your game shows authorization revoked. Restarting the browser makes your browser start to run freely. Try this trick too.

4) Update the app: Try to keep PUBG Mobile up to date because whenever a new version launches the developers stop working on the older version due to which such errors occur and recur again and again. Therefore install the latest version of the PUBG Mobile, this can make the error get rolled out.

5) Download the Facebook app: If the error still exists that clearly means the game is unable to sync Facebook through the browser. Log in to the PUBG Mobile becomes easy while having the Facebook app on your phone. It’s easier for your system to sync the Facebook app directly instead of opening Facebook in the browser. PUBG doesn’t sync your data from Facebook lite so make sure you are using the main Facebook app not lite app. Once you log in to the game, you can uninstall the Facebook app.

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This video is uploaded on the YT GAMER MOHIT YouTube channel. This will help you to get the solution to the login issue.


Nowadays logging in to PUBG Mobile has become a little bit difficult. Due to some technical reasons, while logging in to PUBG Mobile, an error popup appears on which it is written Authorization Revoked. However, this occurs only on some devices. The direct solution to this problem is to download the Facebook app on your mobile. This makes it easy to fetch data from the Facebook app instead of Facebook in the browser. Just by following these steps, this problem will not come again. Thanks for reading.

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