How to Find the Best Domain Name for Your Blog?

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If you are interested in blogging and trying to start a blog, here I am covering the important part of blogging.

If you are going to start your first blog, the following important things you need to keep in your mind while starting the blog.
  1. Blogging Platform: Which blogging platform is best for you?
  2. Web hosting: If you are not able to spend money, you can use blogger.
  3. Domain Name: If you want to see good result on your blog, the domain name will be the first important thing for you.
I have shared the identical strategy which helps you in deciding blog name. Today, I am going to show you the things which you have the fix in your mind before choosing the domain name of your blog.
The biggest mistake of maximum people is they use their personal name in the domain name. (, It will not work properly.

5 Tips for Finding the Best Domain Name

As you know there are many websites and blogs are already available with taking the best domain name. If you want to purchase the very valuable domain name, it should be available for sale but you have to spend your thousands of dollar for that one thing.
If you are interested to purchase that type of domain you can do it. Use the domain like .com or .in, it is good looking and helps in SEO also.
If you are targeting the traffic from India, you should use the .in domain without any thinking. If you are trying to go global means you are targeting the traffic from maximum countries, you need to use the most valuable domain and the most valuable domain is only .com. That is called the global top-level domain (gTLD).
If you are looking for using the domain name like my domain name and, you can make it more valuable but you will have to do more hard work. Your domain will become most valuable.
Let start the memorable things while finding the domain name-

1. Unique Domain Name

You have to become creative to find the best domain name for your blog.
I am telling you to try to finding something new, try to create something unique. Example: if you want to start the new blog regarding technology, what will be the name of your blog? I think the maximum people will think or like this.
You don’t know or maybe you know there are many blogs have created on this domain names. In this condition, you have to spend thousands of dollars to grab the domain like that.
Now find the related keyword and make your domain brand.
Example of the name of tech blog-
  • ·
  • ·

You can use the tools also. By using the tool like NameStation you will get the keyword suggestions.

2. Easy to Write

The domain name of the blog must be easy to write. Domain names are not hard to write, I mean don’t use the strange character in the domain name.
If your blog name will be easy to write the people will not find any writing problem while the search for your blog. This will decrease the possibility of going to a different website.
If your website language is English, make sure the domain doesn’t have Spanish or any other language characters.
Always avoid the homophones. Homophones are the same pronunciation for different spellings (knew vs new). It might be easy for your visitors to type correct spelling.

3. Easy to Pronounce

Make sure about your domain name difficulty level. People always share good things with each other. Assume someone tries to share your domain with others and he is not able to pronounce your domain name because of the difficulty level of the pronunciation of your domain name.
Make sure the people shouldn’t struggle to pronounce the domain name of the blog.
Always use the domain name which will be easy to pronounce. Tell me what benefits do you get by using the difficult domain name.
There are many benefits you will get by using the easy domain name. People can memorize the domain at the first time. Therefore always your easy domain name.

4. Avoid Long Domain Name

Let see, I am creating the new blog and I named it ‘the best medical services in India. What will be the domain? The domain will be Is it easy to memorize?
When you search for the domain like above and you miss one letter to type while brows it on the browser, you will not get the above blog.
People do not like to type the long domain name in the browser.
Some people have created the long domain names-
  • ·
  • ·

In short, it is easier to remember the short name.

5. Reference

Imagine, if John is starting the blog on sports wears, John should not give the domain name like “”.
You have to create the blog extension which should match with the market. If you have decided to sell your products only in India, you can go for the .in domain name.
By this way, you are targeting only the traffic from India. In order to target the traffic only from India, you have to do proper SEO of your website. By this way, you will help Search Engine to find the customers from India.
If you sell the products globally, you will have to use .com, .net, .org, .biz these domains or you can use any gTLD domain. These domains will help you to conduct global traffic.

Final Step to Choosing the Right Domain Name

Now, take the thing which you can get in use for the writing and write all domain which is running in your mind. The domain must be filtered by the above criteria.
After that choose domain and check is it available for you?
If any domain from your list may not be available, you will have to follow the following thing-
  • ·         Add the location (e.g.
  • ·         Add the intended audience (e.g.
  • ·         Add the Shrink words (e.g.

Now you can choose the good name for your newbie blog. When you will start your blog, set that five points in your mind. It will make easy for people to find your blog without any trouble.

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