How to delete a Facebook account permanently without waiting 14 days

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Deleting a Facebook account is not a big deal but if you choose some of the wrong options then you will have to wait some days till then your account does not get deleted. So in this article, I going to show you how to delete a Facebook account permanently without waiting 14 days.

When going to delete the Facebook account, you will see different options. If you choose the wrong option, Facebook puts the account deletion process on pending. Why does Facebook do this? Because Facebook wants to put your request on pending. Because maybe in these 14 days user’s mind changed and he doesn’t want to delete his account. Therefore, for the benefit of the user, Facebook makes the user wait. But don’t worry, if you stick to your decision and want to delete your account without waiting then it can also be done.

How to delete a Facebook account permanently without waiting 14 days

The reality is nobody can delete a Facebook account instantly, it takes 30 days to get deleted permanently. When you delete your account it is deleted but temporarily. It takes 30 days to get deleted permanently.

  1. Login to Facebook with the account which you have to delete.
  2. Press the “Down Arrow button” at the top right-most corner.
  3. Now go to Settings & privacy → Settings → Your Facebook information → Deactivation and deletion.
  4. Now click the “Delete account” option to check then press the “Continue to account deletion” button to go ahead.

    Now Facebook will show you a deletion button along with some important commands is as follows:

    Deactivate Account: It seems like account deletion but there are some advantages of using it like you can use messenger even while having your Facebook account deactivated.
    Download your information: You can download all your uploaded information which included Your activity across Facebook, Personal information, Connections, Logged information, Security and login information, Apps and websites off Facebook, Preferences, and Ads information.
    Transfer a copy of your information: Before you delete your Facebook account, you can transfer a copy of your information to another service. Information you can transfer includes posts, photos, videos, and more.
    Your Page will be deleted: While deleting the Facebook account your Facebook page will also be deleted which you have created from this account. Therefore Facebook gives you a chance there to change the admin so the page will not be deleted.

  5. Press the “Delete Account” button, enter your Facebook password, and then click on the “Continue” button.
  6. Facebook shows a confirmation message which included you can back to this account within 30 days otherwise it gets deleted permanently. There press the “Delete Account” button.

Now your account is scheduled for permanent deletion. If you log in to Facebook within the next 30 days, you’ll have the option to cancel the deletion and retrieve any of the content or information you’ve added to your account.

How to delete a Facebook account in Facebook lite?

Facebook Lite is a lighter version app of Facebook designed for mobile users only. It is much similar to the Facebook app. Read the article further to know how you can delete your Facebook account permanently using the Facebook lite app that to without waiting 14 days.

how to delete Facebook account permanently using the Facebook lite without waiting 14 days
  1. Open Facebook lite and login with the account which you want to delete.
  2. Press the “three parallel lines” button which is at the top right corner of the app interface.
  3. Go to Settings → Personal and account information → Account ownership and control Deactivation and deletion.
  4. Now tap on the “Delete account” check box and press the “Continue” button.
  5. Select a reason why you are willing to delete your account or press “Continue to account deletion” directly.
  6. Facebook shows some features to use before deleting an account such as deactivating the account, downloading information, and apps that are linked with your Facebook account. After doing this press the “Delete Account” button.
  7. Enter your Facebook password and press the “Continue” button.
  8. Press the “Delete Account” button to confirm that you want to delete your account permanently.

Once you did your account is scheduled to be deleted permanently. However, it takes 30 days to be deleted permanently and if you log in using this account within 30 days you can cancel the account deletion. Do not log in again with this account’s credentials to get this account deleted.


Q. Why I am not able to delete my Facebook account instantly?
Nobody can delete their Facebook account instantly. Because it takes up to 30 days from the time of scheduling the deletion. This is an opportunity given by Facebook so that if the user changes his mind, he can get his account back.

Q. In how many days can I cancel the account delete request?
You can cancel the account delete request in 30 days of scheduling.

Q. How to cancel the Facebook account deletion request?

You can cancel your Facebook account deletion request within 30 days of scheduling. The option of cancellation will appear when you log in with that account after making a deletion request.

Q. How many days does it takes to get a Facebook account deleted permanently?
Facebook takes 30 days from the day of the request to be permanently deleted an account.

Q. How to instant delete a Facebook account without waiting 14 days?
Facebook account can not be deleted instantly. Whereas 14 days is also not enough, it takes 30 days to be deleted.

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